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Radeon IRC Logs For 2007-12-30

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airlied: hmm r500 tv-out looks to be working for me..
AndrewR: airlied, cool
airlied: okay atombios tv-out support is pushed..
airlied: and blogged..
airlied: starts the phoronix timer :)
rx__: :)
umtc: will i not need the --set load_detction any more?
lelik_bolik: dear all. I use latest git tree. I have x1250 ati IGP. I'm trying to enable my tv-out, got the following error: "xf86MapVidMem: Could not mmap framebuffer (0xf0000000,0x0) (Invalid argument)". Why ? please, help me..
lelik_bolik: anybody?
airlied: umtc: it doesn't affect legacy...
airlied: umtc: only atombios cards..
airlied: hence my saying atombios tv-out support and not legacy tvout..
airlied: lelik_bolik: we don't support the rs690 properly yet I don't think..
airlied: lelik_bolik: I think we are missing some of the memory controller setup..
airlied: lelik_bolik: hopefully alex can get his hands on some hw soon to test..
lelik_bolik: airlied: how can I figure out exact reason of problem. cani help somehow?
airlied: lelik_bolik : we have some patches I need to fixup and test..
lelik_bolik: hmm..
airlied: I'm not sure Maciej who wrote them is in here or not..
lelik_bolik: ok..
airlied: lelik_bolik: I'll try and do it this week at some point..
lelik_bolik: I saw some messages, that you already receive docs for rs690 from amd. is it true? if so, when can we expect xvideo support?
lelik_bolik: thanks, anyway..
lelik_bolik: :-)
airlied: lelik_bolik: the patch to start from is at http://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/test_rs690.patch
lelik_bolik: should i apply it against current git tree?
lelik_bolik: I'll try to apply it and will report about results.
airlied: lelik_bolik: but it needs to be updated for current git
airlied: therea re two patches..
airlied: only the DDX one should be necessary to get things started..
airlied: lelik_bolik: I'm not srue which overlay that card has, old r300 or new r500
airlied: I know the 3D engine is like the rs480
airlied: but we are missing the memory controller setup..
airlied: I gotta run bbl or tomorrow..
lelik_bolik: i guess, it should have r500..
airlied: yes most likely.. which means no xvideo until textured video is working..
airlied: bbl.
lelik_bolik: ok. anyway thanks for your work.. I'll wait.. now iuse vesa driver for my htpc :-(
hansg: Hi all, airlied I just saw your blog post on the tv out support, good work!
hansg: I wonder if you have seen my blog post about my mesa debugging?
lelik_bolik: airlied: I apply the DDX patch, that you mentioned. Andthe problem is still there. The strange things in Xorg.0.log are "Linear framebuffer at 0x00000000f0000000", "Detected total video RAM=0K, accessible=131072K (PCI BAR=131072K)", "Mapped VideoRAM: 0 kByte (64 bit DDR SDRAM)". it seems, that memory controller is really not setup.
airlied: lelik_bolik: try changing line 235 src/radeon_chipinfo_gen.h so there are 5 0s and no 1s.s
airlied: hansg: yeah I've been looking at the patches,
airlied: hansg: I need to work out that r300_emit.c regression..
lelik_bolik: airlied: I tried to change line 235, as you mentioned, but it din't help. :-(
airlied: hansg: I'll definitely look into fixing it when back in office..
airlied: lelik_bolik: can you post an Xorg.0.log with that change (maybe line 236 as well )
umtc: i set up a radeon 9500 with tvout yesterday, worked fine except spent an hour getting it to start because i had left vertrefresh 70 in the config
umtc: which is great, because last time i was able to do tvout with that card was a few years ago, with fglrx
lelik_bolik: airlied: should i post it here?
airlied: lelik_bolik: use pastebin.ca
lelik_bolik: airlied: default verbose level?
airlied: yup
lelik_bolik: airlied: http://pastebin.ca/838490
airlied: lelik_bolik: wierd it should figure out the VRAM now with those patches I think..
lelik_bolik: airlied: is there any way to make it work?
airlied: lelik_bolik: I've checked in the patches so far...
lelik_bolik: airlied: I've appliedthe following DDX patch: http://pastebin.ca/838495
airlied: lelik_bolik: that's pretty much whats I just checked in..
lelik_bolik: airlied: and my 235 line now contains only zeros.
airlied: lelik_bolik: can you clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/radeontoool
airlied: lelik_bolik: can you clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/radeontool
airlied: git checkout -b avivo origin/avivo
airlied: and build avivotool and run avivotool regs
airlied: and also avivotool regs all
lelik_bolik: airlied: avivotool regs output: "mapping ctrl region" . Sounds not so good..
lelik_bolik: airlied: Found card 1002:791e (30000)
lelik_bolik: (unknown card)
lelik_bolik: mapping ctrl region
airlied: lelik_bolik: can you pastebin lspci -vv
lelik_bolik: airlied: http://pastebin.ca/838503
airlied: lelik_bolik: wierd I can't see why avivotool isn't working
lelik_bolik: airlied: i'm trying to find out that too..
airlied: it looks like it picks the correct region for the registers
airlied: lelik_bolik: maybe an old libpciaccess or something
lelik_bolik: hmm.. there is strange message during compilation//
lelik_bolik: airlied: i also think so.
lelik_bolik: airlied: here the compile log: gcc `pkg-config --cflags pciaccess` -Wall -O2 avivotool.c xf86i2c.c -o avivotool `pkg-config --libs pciaccess`
lelik_bolik: avivotool.c: In function ‘radeon_get_fb_params’:
lelik_bolik: avivotool.c:580: warning: unused variable ‘format’
lelik_bolik: avivotool.c: In function ‘map_radeon_mem’:
lelik_bolik: avivotool.c:1433: warning: ‘pci_device_map_region’ is deprecated (declared at /usr/local/include/pciaccess.h:52)
lelik_bolik: avivotool.c:1437: warning: ‘pci_device_map_region’ is deprecated (declared at /usr/local/include/pciaccess.h:52)
airlied: hmm I get that and it usually works.. .but maybe it is deprecated completely now
lelik_bolik: airlied: i use latest git version of libpciaccess.
lelik_bolik: airlied: maybe that is the reasonof problem.
lelik_bolik: airlied: i'll try now to use version of libpciaccess not from git.
airlied: lelik_bolik: gotta go sleep now, but I think rs690 shouldn't be this hard :)
lelik_bolik: airlied: hehe.. good night! :-))
hansg: airlied, I was away from the keyboard for a while, thanks for looking into this!
bgoglin: airlied: ok prefixing EDID with output name looks hard. right now, the driver print the connector type name. I'd like to see the output name as well. compile-tested-only patch at http://loulous.org/tmp/radeon_edid_output_name.patch
aa11fawf: hello
aa11fawf: anyone here
aa11fawf: anyone can help?
MMReg32: hallo
MMReg32: does anyone konw about powerplay?
O_Johnny_Boy: Is this where I can get help with the xf86-video-ati driver
O_Johnny_Boy: ??
O_Johnny_Boy: Okay, I'll spell out my problem and hope that somebody sees it later today.
O_Johnny_Boy: I have a Mobility Radeon X1400, which I want to try with the latest xf86-video-ati (I used gitk to confirm that the AtomBIOS and TV-Out code is there).
O_Johnny_Boy: When I try to start X, I get the error message "(EE) No devices detected"; I don't see anything from the R500 family in the list of supported chipsets.
O_Johnny_Boy: Do I just need to add my PCI ID somewhere?
berniyh: radeon_chipset_gen.h: { PCI_CHIP_RV515_7145, "ATI Mobility Radeon X1400" },
berniyh: it's there
AndrewR: O_Johnny_Boy, may be your (new) driver just installed in some strange location? (like /usr/local... ). And x.org still looking in usual place and pick up old driver?
O_Johnny_Boy: Hmmmm... that's possible, I'll check. I do see the PCI ID in the new git code.
O_Johnny_Boy: Yeah, there's some /usr/local going on. ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr && make && sudo checkinstall make install seems to have fixed it.
O_Johnny_Boy: Thanks
umtc: how does one adjust the position and size of the video on the tvout? seems like an ideal application for xvidtune, but i hear you're not supposed to use it in this xrandr 1.2 world
airlied: umtc: I think the xrandr properties might do it..
airlied: umtc: but I'm not sure..
umtc: yes, now i see a set of tv size/position
damentz_: airlied: hey, did you see my bugreport?
airlied: umtc: not sure they'll have any affect on r500 tv-out..
damentz_: 13833, inability to change resolution on my laptop with the 6.7 series
umtc: is correct most current way to make these settings permanent is to make shell scripts that run xrandr commands?
airlied: damentz_: yeah we might not put the right timings into the crtc setup ..
airlied: umtc: yes, I'm not sure if we can set them in xorg.conf yet..
airlied: umtc: we should be able to but nobody may have written that..
damentz_: airlied: is there a temporary way to fix it until a new driver comes out?
airlied: damentz_: did it ever work?
damentz_: airlied: nope
damentz_: all the 6.7 series just make my screen white when i change the resolution
damentz_: on a mobility 7500
airlied: damentz_: have you tried with a clean xorg.conf
airlied: damentz_: because yours is full of shite..
damentz_: airlied: yes, i can try again though
damentz_: clear the modelines and device options?
airlied: please attach logs to the bug
airlied: not paste
damentz_: ohh, sorry about that
airlied: remove all the options..
airlied: and monitor sections
damentz_: i rarely report bugs anywhere
damentz_: alright
airlied: and modes
airlied: my x300 works fine for lvds mode changes..
airlied: my 7500 has no lvds panel :(
damentz_: so remove the section "Monitor" and "Screen"?
damentz_: xorg shoudl be able to autodetect right?
airlied: yes..
airlied: autodetect should work fine..
airlied: you may need a monitor sectgion with just identifier and modelname
damentz_: nah, i've run without an xorg.conf with xserver 1.4
airlied: ah the log file from that would be nice..
damentz_: though, i have had to use IgnoreEDID so that resolution changes wouldn't be corrupted with the old drivers
airlied: and of course a mode change..
damentz_: so run without xorg.conf and upload the log?
airlied: damentz_: run without xorg.conf, do a randr mode change and upload log
damentz_: hmm
damentz: xorg is crashing before i ccan get to login screen
airlied: damentz: wierd..
damentz: i'm using debian sid, we recently got a new git version of xserver
damentz: that could be it
airlied: I'll bbl.. see if you can get a cleaner xorg.conf to work..
damentz: ok
umtc: is it safe to increase MAX_H/V_POSITION? i ran out of adjustment
umtc: it looks like they are adjusted by some kind of lookup table, which i would run out of
damentz: airlied: strange, it worked
damentz: airlied: but i don't have the right resolutions
damentz: 1400x1050 is the first, then 1280x800
damentz: 1280x768..
damentz: a bunch of widescreen resolutions
airlied: damentz: hmm maybe the scaler setting can help..
airlied: damentz: but i'm not sure how agd5f wired it up..
damentz: scaler setting?
damentz: i think my laptop panel is setting bad edid information
damentz: i've always had to enable IgnoreEDID or resolution changing would not work right
airlied: damentz: attach the new log..
airlied: damentz: ignoreedid sounds like a bad plan usually..
damentz: should i also attach the output of xrandr?
airlied: yup
damentz: ah shit
damentz: got out of X, screen is white
damentz: err, let me save everything before exiting X this time
damentz: airlied: ok i uploaded the files
damentz: its in a tar.gz: xorg.conf Xorg.0.log and xrandr-output.txt
airlied: damentz: what resolutions are you missing?
airlied: you can just add modes by hand if you need other ones...
airlied: we just picked a standard set of modes for lvds..
damentz: airlied: 1280x1024
damentz: 1280x960 more preferably since its 4:3
damentz: 1152x864...
damentz: so how do you add them manually, i coudln't figure out through the xrandr cli tool
damentz: and if it doesn't save changes, i'll just put it into a script that runs when my kde session starts
airlied: damentz: you can use --addmode
airlied: see if it works..
damentz: alright i'll try it when i get back home
damentz: need to do groceries
damentz: bbl in less than an hour
umtc: no tv vertical size adjustment?
damentz: airlied: so how do i add a mode?
damentzlap: it says 'xrandr --addmode
airlied: something like --addmode LVDS 1280x1024
damentzlap: ahhh
damentzlap: that makes sense
damentzlap: xrandr: cannot find mode "1280x960"
damentzlap: uhhh
airlied: ah then you need to add the mode..
airlied: --newmode
airlied: but you need to specify the full modeline..
damentzlap: ouch
airlied: we should add a --cvt or --gtf option..
damentzlap: so is it possible to add something like
damentzlap: xrandr --newmode 1280x960 60 ?
damentzlap: 60 for 60hz
damentzlap: or is it way more complicated than that?
airlied: nope.. I think you need to specify tyhe complete modeline..
airlied: you can get ther info from cvt 1280 960
damentzlap: errr, and how do i do that?
airlied: cvt 1280 960
damentzlap: oh wow
damentzlap: that was simple
damentzlap: airlied: maybe xrandr could call cvt and figure out the options for you?
damentzlap: if i had it installed by default, i think its pretty standard across many distributions
damentzlap: Modeline "1280x960_60.00" 101.25 1280 1360 1488 1696 960 963 967 996 -hsync +vsync
airlied: damentzlap: yes it probably could at some point..
damentzlap: unfortunately, thats unreadable to me
airlied: the server also know how..
damentzlap: --newmode
damentzlap: so apparently that is the simple way, whats clock mhz?
airlied: well you just transfer the numbers onto the newmode..
airlied: 101.24
airlied: .25 even
damentzlap: OH
damentzlap: alright
damentzlap: xrandr is just displaying the help
damentzlap: i'm doing xrandr --newmode 1280x960 101.25
airlied: damentzlap: newmode needs moe than that..
airlied: re-read the help :)
airlied: keep going
damentzlap: oh
damentzlap: it needs ALL of that?
damentzlap: i thought you just choose
airlied: you should be able to cut-n-paste the cvt output
damentzlap: hmmm
damentzlap: ok
damentzlap: nice
damentzlap: i have the new mode
damentzlap: lets see what happens now
damentzlap: IT WORKED
damentzlap: alright, now i gotta do the same with 1152x864 and put it in a script
damentzlap: airlied: i don't need X running for xrandr right?
damentzlap: can i add the modes before X starts?
airlied: damentzlap: you need to add them in xorg.conf then..
damentzlap: oh
airlied: damentzlap: it might work if you just add a modeslist
airlied: you might not need the modeline
damentzlap: modeslist?
airlied: in the screen section just add modes "1400x1050" "1280x1024"
airlied: though I'm not sure that'll work..
airlied: it might require a monitor section..
damentzlap: alright
damentzlap: i added those 3 resolutions i want and the modelines to the monitor section
damentzlap: for 1280x960 and 1152x864...
damentzlap: lets see what happens
damentzlap: brb
damentz: hmm
damentz: no go
damentz: i guess i'll have to make a startup script
umtc: should i file a bug that driver doesn't have tv_vertical_size setting?
damentzlap: airlied: ok the script works
damentzlap: so maybe the next version of xrandr could automatically use cvt if it can't find the resolution?
airlied: umtc: ask agd5f when he gets back :)
damentzlap: xrandr --cvt --newmode 1280x960 60 sounds clean
airlied: damentzlap: wouldn't be a major thing to add.. really xrandr isn't how we want things to work :)
damentzlap: it would run cvt 1280 960 60
airlied: GUI setups would be nice..
damentzlap: i know, but the gui's would use xrandr cli right?
damentzlap: standard app
airlied: damentzlap: nope..
damentzlap: oh?
damentzlap: ok well i would then
airlied: damentzlap: xrandr cli is just an example .. guis would use libXrandr
damentzlap: ohhh
damentzlap: but xrandr is suposed to be the working example
airlied: yes.. its the sample code..
damentzlap: still, gui's are less verbose, so its always useful to use a cli tool to figure out whats going on
airlied: gotta go.. bbl.
damentzlap: later, thanks for the help
damentzlap: i'll change the bug to solved
damentz: err wait
damentz: its still doing it
damentz: strange
damentz: airlied: holy crap, the resolution bug is tied to XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps