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Radeon IRC Logs For 2010-3-13

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mizerydearia: If I have an ATI Radeon HD 4850, is it better to use "radeon" driver or "radeonhd" driver?
soreau: mizerydearia: radeon is where most all of the work is happening
mizerydearia: Alright. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks!
mizerydearia: I am using radeon driver now after switching from fglrx. `glxinfo` indicates direct rendering is enabled, however, KDE desktop effects no longer seem to function. Also `glxgears` shows a slow 630fps. I am using a radeon hd 4850 gpu. Is this normal?
eosie: soreau: there is an output in the console containing the current level of anisotropy
soreau: mizerydearia: What is the renderer string glxinfo reports?
soreau: eosie: Yes, still waiting on mesa to build because the lib/dri dir disappeared on me ;)
mizerydearia: soreau, http://pastebin.com/mAWdLG2c
mizerydearia: ooh, software rasterizer
soreau: mizerydearia: You drivers are using software rasterizer. Can you pastebin your x log?
mizerydearia: soreau: http://pastebin.com/UBxigKCd
soreau: [drm] failed to load kernel module "radeon" (EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed to open the DRM
soreau: You need to enable radeon drm in your kernel at least
soreau: eosie: It seems, with classic when switching between 1-2 3-4 7-8 15-16 but with gallium not at all
eosie: soreau: ok thanks
soreau: np
soreau: mizerydearia: Look at the output of 'dmesg|grep drm' for further interesting messages
AndrewR: agd5f, no luck .....
eosie: soreau: that doesn't make sense, it can't possibly work in classic
edwin: kernel: [ 2352.538108] You have old & broken userspace please consider updating mesa
edwin: I get this with latest mesa git o.O
edwin: radeon_tex_copy.c:73: do_copy_texsubimage: Assertion `rrb && rrb->bo' failed.
edwin: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27009
Tadys: hi, how I update my radeon hd 3400 driver on ubuntu, i use fglrx draiver but with then dosnt work gnome desktop effect
Tadys: I add in sources.list deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main #xorg-edgers PPA
Tadys: deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main #xorg-edger$
Tadys: downloading draivers drm mesa ant video draiver but them dosnt work
brot: Tadys: you need to upgrade to karmic, and use a 2.6.33 or newer kernel
Tadys: 2.6.31-20-generic this kernel is bad? need 2.6.33 ?
Tadys: when i update my kernel to 2.6.33 when radeon draiver works good?
brot: Tadys: then it has 3d acceleration. but you need to include the firmware in the initramfs.
Tadys: ok thanks I try upgrade kernel
Tadys: but I upgrade kernel 2.6.33 from kernel.org?
brot: Tadys: ubuntu has a "mainline kernel ppa"
brot: use the kernel from there :)
brot: (you could also try the lucid-kernel-backports, that could be easier)
Tadys: I download deb packet for this http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31/
Tadys: v2.6.33/
Tadys: hmm I installed http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.33/ linux header from here but now fgrlx dont work
wirry: try #ati , this channel here is for the opensource driver only
wirry: i guess fglrx isnt ready for the new kernel
Camarade_Tux: if you're missing a lib, having a syslog-ng package won't help you anyway
brot: Tadys: right, fglrx isnt compatible with the new kernel.
Tadys: that I do now?
brot: Tadys: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1296952 <- this thread describes how to get 3d with the opensource driver.
Tadys: thanks
Camarade_Tux: ok, I was really in the wrong window :-)
manuel__: hi
manuel__: i have a r600 card i think HD 3300 series
manuel__: does the opensource 3D driver work with that card ?
manuel__: what are the steps to try it out on a debian sueezze ?
brot: manuel__: yes, but only if you use the latest equipment. also, dont expect much. desktop effects will work, but you wont be able to play quake4 or something :)
manuel__: brot, does some games work or only deskop effects?
brot: depends on the game. i guess open arena will work
brot: or tuxracer.
manuel__: i have xorg 7.5 do i need a new one to test it ?
brot: good question. i am using the ubuntu xorg-edgers repository, i dont know if debian has something like this.
manuel__: is there a tut for debian users to use the new git stuff?
edwin: manuel__: I have Debian unstable and used the git version successfully
edwin: see the wiki in the topic
edwin: the instructions there work on Debian
edwin: you need proper xorg and libdrm versions, Debian already has these
edwin: in experimental/unstable
edwin: and you can build mesa from git, install to /opt/xorg, and setup everything to load libGL and the drivers from there
BioTube: disabling smooth scrolling in konqueror seems to stop causing GPU resets with glisse's patch
BioTube: and there it goes again
glisse: BioTube: can you keep working after gpu reset ?
BioTube: glisse: with compositing off, yes
BioTube: but last two times I tried and had compositing on, it tended to reset to black
glisse: what happen with composite on ?
glisse: and it didn't come back
glisse: you have to wait few sec
BioTube: I did
BioTube: I even took the time to ssh in and look for any errors - at least a minute later it was still down and no error
glisse: did you see GPU reset in loop in kernel message ?
BioTube: I saw the reset information in dmesg, but it looked like it was all there
edwin: glisse: are these invalid command messages useful for you? http://paste.debian.net/63941/
edwin: glisse: they happen during a piglit quick test run on rv730
glisse: edwin: just show that there is bug somewhere in mesa r600 driver
glisse: might be hard to track down
edwin: ok
edwin: and what do you think of that GPU lockup I reported a few days ago? the one where I couldn't recover
edwin: let me find the log again
edwin: glisse: this one http://paste.debian.net/63942/
edwin: I had to reboot to recover from that, screen was just black, and Xorg unkillable
edwin: is there anything I can do next time it locks up?
edwin: to get more info
glisse: nothing you can do
glisse: lockup is about a dev being able to reproduce it
glisse: i don't want to debug lockup through someone
edwin: ok
diverse_izzue: glisse, i have trouble with analog output on kernel 2.6.33/kms. is that a known issue?
glisse: maybe we have around 300bugs
diverse_izzue: ok my description was not very precise... i have a "jitter" on the external screen since 2.6.33, it was fine with 2.6.32. the card is a radeon mobile X1400
adamk: I think that part of his point would be that there's no way one person could know of all 300 bugs.
adamk: So perhaps you should check bugzilla.
marvin24: glisse: regarding http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26887
marvin24: glisse: can you make patches against 2.6.33 ?
Ubu`: Hi, I am using xorg-edgers on lucid, on certain actions an opengl game (Teeworlds) crash : "drmRadeonCmdBuffer: -22. Kernel failed to parse or rejected command stream. See dmesg for more info.", see http://pastebin.com/7HrZ43y2
Ubu`: it was working at least last monday with the xorg-edgers ppa
Ubu`: and I am not using KMS
rah: Ubu`: this isn't #ubuntu
Wizzup: I'd say it is driver related no?
Ubu`: rah, they would tell me to not use xorg-edgers files
rah: Ubu`: what are "xorg-edgers files"?
[Enrico]: rah: it is a snapshot build of the xorg bleeding edge stuff
[Enrico]: including a snapshot of the radeon driver
[Enrico]: rah: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers
rah: [Enrico]: what do you mean by "build"?
rah: [Enrico]: they provide tarballs with binaries?
[Enrico]: rah: ubuntu packages
[Enrico]: rah: not tarballs, .deb packages for ubuntu
[Enrico]: already compiled
Glebelg: hi all
Glebelg: i'm under debian testing and my gpu is hd4850 with radeon drivers - glxinfo report direct rendering but compiz works with indirect rendering....did someone know how to solve it?
FIReun: Glebelg: pastebin your x.log
rindolf: Hi all. When I enable compositing and desktop effects on KDE-4.4.1 on Mandriva Linux Cooker with my ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro card, then virtual workspace switching is very slow and I have to disable compositing. It was OK before I restarted X. What can I do about it?
zhasha_: rindolf: try rebooting
rindolf: zhasha: the computer?
dileX: checking for LIBKMS_XORG... configure: error: Package requirements (libkms >= 1.0.0) were not met:
dileX: when did that happen im mesa GIT master? dont see the commit (should be in the last 3 days)
soreau: Glebelg: You need to enable kms so you have dri2 and compiz can run without indirect rendering
rindolf: soreau: any idea about my problem?
soreau: rindolf: use compiz instead?
rindolf: soreau: compiz messes up my KDE.
soreau: rindolf: In what way?
rindolf: soreau: it doesn't play nice with the virtual desktops.
rindolf: soreau: and it's an evasion - not a fix.
soreau: rindolf: Well I dont know why kdes kompositing is krappy
rindolf: soreau: OK.
soreau: are you using opengl or xrender backend for kwin?
rindolf: soreau: let me see.
DanaG: http://www.diyhifi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1635&start=0
DanaG: er
DanaG: wrong tab
rindolf: soreau: OpenGL.
soreau: dileX: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/?id=97003c53f9d9ce8b13f6bde28eeb255c35f0c3bc ?
soreau: rindolf: I dont really know what is wrong but have you tried with/without kms and without an xorg.conf file? have you tried rebooting the machine like zhasha suggested?
dileX: soreau: I saw that change in libdrm (but its post-2.4.18) - I asked when was libkms is required in mesa
rindolf: soreau: it worked fine previously before I restarted X.
rindolf: soreau: what is KMS?
soreau: rindolf: KMS = Kernel Modesetting
rindolf: soreau: I recall some misbehaviours without an xorg.conf file.
soreau: dileX: Ah ok, I see what you mean now
dileX: commit 683a099954bf03b7a8c28183b39ef26563a57bcc "st/xorg: Fixup configure"
dileX: Make sure we always test for XEXT version.
dileX: Make sure that the user has a recent version of libkms and libdrm installed.
dileX: Note that the st/xorg code requires so new versions to work but these are
dileX: needed to make a proper vmwgfx_drv.so driver which is the only real user.
rindolf: soreau: how do I enable/disable KMS?
rindolf: OK , found this - http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI#Disable_KMS
dileX: -STATE_TRACKERS="dri,xorg,glx"
dileX: +STATE_TRACKERS="dri,glx"
Glebelg: thank you soreau
haildmitry: Hi, any flash movie in browser lead to high cpu load 50-70%, is it because of using opensource drivers for radeon3650 or because of adobe flash player ? Any one know ?
rindolf: haildmitry: what happens when you play a similar movie using xine/mplayer/vlc/etc.?
haildmitry: rindolf, no then i brows the page containing a flash movie/
rindolf: haildmitry: what?
haildmitry: rindolf, no, in browser then I open any page with flash animation
[Enrico]: haildmitry: for what i can see it is flash, couse downloading the movie (still in flash format) and playing it in mplayer doesn't reach the same cpu usage
rindolf: haildmitry: can you try to play a file using xine/mplayer/vlc and see what happens?
rindolf: Adobe--
haildmitry: Ok, i'l try
spstarr: hmmm
haildmitry: rindolf, sorry, I mean page containing any .swf object, not only flash video flv
rindolf: haildmitry: ah.
papillon81: the drm-radeon* branch has not been updated for some time. is development currently going right into the kernel?
dileX: papillon81: drm-linus patches are upstream now. for new fixes see dri-devel mailing-list
dileX: http://marc.info/?l=dri-devel&r=1&w=2
evil_core: how to get hq aniso on r500?
evil_core: need I special driconf? (works it only on KMS+gallium?)
arekm: uhuh http://pld.pastebin.com/0jW8f7cJ
soreau: OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on RV350
soreau: OpenGL version string: 1.5 Mesa 7.9-devel
soreau: going back to reporting 1.5?
dileX: soreau: might depend on GPU
soreau: dileX: It's always reported 2.1 until I just noticed today
soreau: Maybe it got spun up in the 7.8->7.9 change
dileX: http://paste.debian.net/63984/ (w/ latest mesa-from-git)
melkor: I was curious about using the 2.6.34 rc with the radeon drivers.
Jonimus: melkor: why not give them a try?
melkor: last time I tried to compile the radeon drivers I failed.
melkor: I think its my xorg
soreau: melkor: Which distro?
melkor: ubuntu jaunty
soreau: In that case, you'd probably want to install the newer kernel, remove fglrx if it's installed then install packages from the xorg-edgers repo
soreau: This way, you don't have to compile anything and you get latest from git source
FIReun: close enough to latest
melkor: soreau: last time I did the xorg-edger it seemed to have less packages than building from source.
soreau: melkor: my guess is you probably did it wrong :)
soreau: I think the repo offers a ddx-only or something which wont to much alone
melkor: I'm updating now with the edgers repo, what packages would I need?
soreau: upstream they are called libdrm, xf86-video-ati and mesa
soreau: but in ubuntu they're divided into deb packages with slightly different names
soreau: I believe if you install the repo and apt-get update/upgrade it will install everything you need
melkor: when I do that I only get the option to upgrade a bunch of xserver-xorg-video-ati ...
soreau: You're probably using the ddx-only repo
melkor: http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu
melkor: Thats the one I have enabled.
fabio333: hi there
melkor: it looks like I have all of the drivers installed, I suppose I'll reboot a couple of times and see if I can get fglrx removed ad radeon installed.
melkor: Do I need to manually edit any of the x-org configs to enamble radeon?
melkor: sorry wrong window.
dileX: melkor: 1st get rid of fglrx and then install radeon/mesa-dri drivers and libGL
melkor: oh nvm this was the right window.
melkor: Right thats why I"m rebooting. I'm removing all of the fglrx stuff.
melkor: alright I'm using the radeon drivers, and now Icannot login.
FIReun: you didnt do it right
melkor: FIReun thanks, what do I start to do it right.
melkor: maybe I need to reconfigure my xorg.conf, or delete it, I removed the one with fglrx.
dileX: in ideal case you dont need an xorg.conf
dileX: but you didnt tell us - what system you are using or provided any logs. so crystall ball will only tell.
melkor: I don't mind providing logs.
dileX: dmesg, Xorg.log (and xorg.conf)
FIReun: melkor: use pastebin please
melkor: whats a good past bin where I can uload the files.
melkor: and I've deleted xorg.conf
FIReun: on ubuntu just apt-get install pastebinit (works without X running too)
melkor: I'm not sure if the firmware is installed, do I need to do that explicitly or doe the packages manage that?
GerbilSoft: KMS is supposed to allow for graphical panic messages, right? I just had a kernel panic, but instead of showing the error message, it simply blanked the screen.
FIReun: linux-firmware-nonfree
GerbilSoft: mouse pointer was visible, as was a text cursor in the upper left of the screen.
GerbilSoft: kernel 2.6.34-rc1-00711-gdaf9fe2, rv530
ToastyJustice: Hey guys. Would anyone be able to help me fix an issue I'm having with my Radeon 4350? At least, it sems to be the problem
ToastyJustice: My mouse seems to be really choppy, essentially unusable. I tried using another computer's video card and it worked fine but, thiswith this 4350, the problem arises
melkor: here is the xorg http://pastebin.com/we4b2rws
melkor: I suspect it is the firmware, and I cannot find the package linux-firmware-nonfree with apt-get .
melkor: http://pastebin.com/jGiHpbw6 that is the dmesg
FIReun: melkor: do you have /lib/firmware/radeon/* ?
melkor: no
melkor: do I have to d/load firmware for every kernel?
dileX: melkor: you had a look into wiki (see topic). that should answer a lot of your questions.
melkor: okay I'm looking at the troubleshooting extra firmeware section. do i need both R600 & R700?
melkor: and where do I 'activate the following kernel-config parameters' ?
dileX: check/install linux-firmware-nonfree package for r600/r700 firmware files
bridgman: melkor; just the r700 (you have an rv710)
bridgman: but I think most people install 'em all - the driver loads the right one for whatever card you are using
spstarr: hello bridgman
bridgman: btw the microcode doesn't care what kernel version you have
bridgman: the only dependency is that older kernel versions didn't support interrupts and therefore didn't need this additional microcode image
melkor: dilex, I dont think I have those repos enabled because I couldn't find them with apt-get
melkor: okay so I d/loaded them and placed them in the appropriate place, now I need to do the kernel-config params.
melkor: is the nonfree firmware in canonical repo's or maybe restricted?
DanaG: I'm very thankful for the GLSL support in R600, though I do ask: what's the state of GLSL on older hardware?
bridgman: I think most of it works with the 300g driver, but not flow control etc yet
bridgman: not 100% sure tho
ToastyJustice: Hrm, loks lke it's stuck using software rasterizer, I wonder if that's why things are slow
melkor: If I get the firmware-linux-nonfree from the debian repos, it doesn't work.
FIReun: I would get them from karmic or lucid before debian
melkor: I still get 'conflicting packages, wwith linux-firmware and nonfree
FIReun: dunno, I dont use ubuntu
dileX: melkor: follow the link in http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonBuildHowTo#Distro-specificdevelopmentpackages or ask on #ubuntu how to add/activate new apt repositories
melkor: dilex I am using the packages from xorg-edgers
melkor: okay so now it appears to have installed, and I can boot to my desktop but if I enable compiz, I get kicked back out to my login screen.
ToastyJustice: so, i'm trying to compile mesa, but I'm a bit confused about the DRI_DRIVERS and which branch I should be using
bridgman: build from master
soreau: melkor: With which kernel?
melkor: 2.6.32
soreau: melkor: Do you have kms enabled?
ToastyJustice: bridgman: so just "git checkout master" then?
melkor: I should be able to see in my dmesg?
soreau: yes
dileX: soreau: ...before X starts.
soreau: ToastyJustice: When you git clone it is already on master, no need to switch branches
melkor: Closest thing I found was [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported.
melkor: In my Xorg log.
ToastyJustice: soreau: okay, thanks. Haven't used git before. when I go to configure it, what parameters should I use? I see the example saying DRI_DRIVERS="radeon, r200, r300, r600, swrast", should I check to use the rXXX that my graphics card uses in specific?
bridgman: yep, plus swrast for good luck
bridgman: no spaces though, configure doesn't like that
bridgman: eg r600,swrast good, r600, swrast bad
melkor: soreau: how would I go about enabling kms if its possible?
soreau: melkor: You can load the radeon module with modeset=1 or boot with radeon.modeset=1 as a kernel parameter
melkor: soreau as a grub parameter?
soreau: melkor: At the grub splash, you can press E to edit IIRC
melkor: yes
ToastyJustice: bridgman: thanks. Is the command supposed to be ./configure as per the instructions in the radeonBUildHowTo? Cause it says No such file or directory. Do they mean autogen.sh?
soreau: ToastyJustice: Short answer, yes. I believe after you run autogen.sh it will create a configure script too
odinsbane: sorry I had to go I'm getting the 3rd degree, thank you for the help
dileX: ToastyJustice: should be autogen.sh (which creates all configure and config*.* files)
ToastyJustice: soreau & dileX: Thanks, just installing required build libraries
meatbun: hello video playback is slow on youtube.
meatbun: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]
meatbun: lspci | grep VGA
meatbun: how to fix?
meatbun: was fine on ubuntu 8.x , just installed 9.10
dileX: ToastyJustice: updated wiki
soreau: meatbun: Does it happen when playing videos with mplayer or the like? If not, it might be a problem with the version of flash you have installed
meatbun: soreau, no. but everything is slow. even desktop navigation
meatbun: slower... i should say
meatbun: i think u r right.
meatbun: the codec is not correct for flash
DanaG: hmm... when specifying vertices, is opengl left-handed, or right-handed?
DanaG: http://www.realtimerendering.com/blog/left-handed-vs-right-handed-viewing/
DanaG: ah
lordraptor: hey im using open source radeon please help me get more frames per second with dual monitors?
Jonimus: start writing patches
lordraptor: there has to be some way to keep my FPS over 30
Jonimus: lordraptor: what game?
lordraptor: quakelive
Jonimus: decrease your res
lordraptor: i disable xrandr to play
lordraptor: its 800x600
Jonimus: ohh
Jonimus: well then, learn C and help them make the drivers better :P
lordraptor: hehe
lordraptor: k
Jonimus: also what card do you have?
SnowRaptor: Are there airlied-drm-remote and drm-radon-testing branches for kernel 2.6.33?
lordraptor: Jonimus: 9250se
Jonimus: ahh yeah then 30FPS sounds about right I think,
SnowRaptor: how do I circumvent and error like "Entry 'drivers/gpu/drm/drm_edid.c' would be overwritten by merge" when pulling drm-radeon-testing over 2.6.33?
DanaG: hmm, does the r600 driver implement the "sampler3D" directive in glsl?
FIReun: should cpu usage spike when I'm resizing x windows?
FIReun: seems like it should be a low load event, esp with hardware accel