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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-11-21

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evil_core: hi all
evil_core: It was hard thing to get DRI under radeon/radeonhd
evil_core: It works, but when I am trying to switch to 1600x1200 in OpenGL app it hangs
evil_core: what is better radeon or radeonhd?
evil_core: anybody can help me with r500?
Obscene_CNN: not much difference between radeon and radeonhd
Obscene_CNN: <-- won't be much help with an r500
evil_core: radeonhd hangs for me
evil_core: radeon works slow, and wont dri with kms
evil_core: can I assign more than 256MB ?
Obscene_CNN: what kernel do you have?
evil_core: 2.6.32
evil_core: -rc8
evil_core: I had also 2.6.31, but wasnt able to get dri there
Obscene_CNN: well then with 2.6.32 having an up to date kernel shouldn't be an issue
evil_core: radeon hd should I user radeon.ko? difference is only in userspace?
Obscene_CNN: this might be of help http://www.radeonhd.org/?page=archive_display&c=radeon&m=10&y=2009&d=2009-10-28
evil_core: should I sue some Galium?
Obscene_CNN: do you have suspend enabled?
evil_core: dunno, I am not using it
evil_core: I am using now friend kernel, build from official spec(its RPM)
evil_core: I can cat config file anyway if its in kernel
Obscene_CNN: <-- is searching for answers
yangman: evil_core: what are you trying to do exactly?
evil_core: get nonhanging radeonhd driver
evil_core: I am trying to do many things
yangman: what other things are you trying to do simultaenously?
evil_core: in simiplicity I want stable driver for OpenGL
evil_core: and maybe KMS
yangman: radeonhd doesn't do KMS
evil_core: radeon and radeonhd
yangman: OpenGL is mesa. DDX doesn't matter
evil_core: but OpenGL hangs after ~10 seconds in bzflag with radeonhd
yangman: known bug that was fixed. try 1.3.0
evil_core: with radeon it doesnt, only a bit slow
evil_core: 1.3.0 what?
yangman: radeonhd
yangman: actually, sorry, you'll need master from git
evil_core: I got 1.3.0
evil_core: and later mesa, and later something else?
yangman: the freezing bug is rhd's fault. r5xx mesa for non-kms hasn't changed too much to matter
yangman: so whatever mesa you have installed is still fine
yangman: feel free to update to latest release, though
evil_core: I want to change not too much, because I am updating mien system so often, and its hard to deall with all that --nodeps and --nofollow in package manager ;)
evil_core: but what advantages got radeonhd over radeon? I got T60p UXGA
evil_core: I dont have external monitor or soemthing
yangman: these days, mainly HDMI audio
yangman: there's some under-the-hood differences that most people don't need to care about
evil_core: I dont got external monitor, and only VGA/DVI-I in docking station
evil_core: but 3d/2d(RAW 2D for old games) changes?
evil_core: and I probably care also about power usage, because its laptop
yangman: rhd's using older 2D accel code that was ported from radeon
yangman: for r5xx
evil_core: and 3d is also not affected?
yangman: sensible power management will be part of KMS. thinkpads usually put them in a sensible default mode anyway
yangman: not significantly
evil_core: so maybe I will try now to make KMS with DRI working
Obscene_RS780: <-- would be happy if he could keep qucs from crashing X :/
evil_core: Obscene_RS780: are you talking bout mine problem?
Obscene_RS780: no
Obscene_RS780: Mine
Obscene_RS780: It started doing it after the switch to radeonhd-1.3.0 but I can't be totally sure it is responsible because I upgraded several other packages on my machine at the same time
evil_core: yangman told its broken and to use master
Obscene_RS780: I am using master
evil_core: so it will not help me also :/
Obscene_RS780: it might help you. you have an r500
Obscene_RS780: rs780 uses different acceleration code
evil_core: how nig agpgart can I use or some similar thing?
evil_core: its allocating very small buffers
evil_core: dunno even whats rs780, sounds like super duper serial port ;)
chithead: rs780 is the igp on amd 780g chipsets (radeon 3200)
evil_core: up tp now I was faithfull nvidia binaries user
Obscene_RS780: sometimes wishes it was a serial port
chithead: I have one of those, it works well using kernel and ddx from git. 3d from mesa mostly works too
Obscene_RS780: chithead, what kernel are you using
Obscene_RS780: ?
evil_core: will new mesa help 3d performance on r500?
evil_core: much, I dont care about 20%
chithead: Obscene_RS780: originally drm-next and now 2.6.32_rc
Obscene_RS780: drm-next?
Obscene_RS780: googles
chithead: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/airlied/drm-2.6.git;a=shortlog;h=drm-next
Obscene_RS780: thanks
Obscene_RS780: chithead, do I need to build a whole kernel to use drm-next or can I just use it with my existing 2.6.31-r5 kernel?
Obscene_RS780: I'll just wait for kernel 2.6.32
evil_core: what should I do to got KMS and DRI?
evil_core: in radeon driver
evil_core: how to check how much memory its allocating?
evil_core: gartsize, etc