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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-12-12

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udovdh: http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonhd%3Afeature
udovdh: any info on order of these items for progress in the near to mid term future?
yangman: no, not really
udovdh: ah, pity
udovdh: and what was the better alternative to Kernel Modesetting ?
yangman: eh?
udovdh: under 2d features
udovdh: as N/N
udovdh: so will not be done because a better thing is/will be available
yangman: radeon does it already
udovdh: yes, but this is readeonhd
udovdh: you mean they will copy the code from radeon?
yangman: no one seems to feel it's important enough to have 2 DDXes that does KMS
yangman: modesetting was really the only differentiating feature between the 2 drivers
udovdh: yes, ok
udovdh: I am only trying to understand the cart
udovdh: chart
udovdh: btw
udovdh: what wa sthe link that had a list of software that uses 3d on radeon/radeonhd with colors saying works/no way
udovdh: I cannot find it now
udovdh: it had a few games, google earth etc
yangman: no idea
udovdh: hmm
udovdh: foobillard appears to work
udovdh: ah!! http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18628
udovdh: also useful