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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-3-28

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ech0s7: opengl support for r6xx is started ?
bridgman: ech0s7; yes, I'm hoping to get 6xx/7xx mesa pushed into a public repo over the next week or so
bridgman: it's not finished but a bunch of things work
davidjheinrich_: hi all, I'm having problems with Xorg 1.5.2 rejecting my modelines: "
davidjheinrich_: #
davidjheinrich_: (II) RADEONHD(0): Rejected mode "2048x1536_85.00" (2048x1536:388.0Mhz): mode clock too high
davidjheinrich_: my Xorg.0.log file is here: http://pastebin.com/d2de4d49c
davidjheinrich_: my xorg.conf file is here: http://pastebin.com/d51bc9f7b
tulcod: davidjheinrich_: always been like this? or is it a new config?
bridgman: davidjheinrich_; looking now, I suspect EDID is saying max clock is lower than 388
bridgman: there's an IgnoreEDID option, I think...
tulcod: phoronix just published an article on R600 opengl being close
tulcod: will the opengl stuff be used in video-ati or radeonhd?
tulcod: (initally, that is)
bridgman: should be both at the same time
max_radeon: AStorm: ping
bridgman: davidjheinrich_; can't find any sign of edid info in the log
bridgman: you have some commented out options, like MaxClock; did you get them from radeonhd docco or somewhere else ?
bridgman: if you got them from radeonhd info then maybe uncommenting MaxClock and plugging in something like 389 might help
davidjheinrich_: bridgeman, same thing with xrandr, max 73 hz
davidjheinrich_: bridgman, I'm not sure why I commented it out
bridgman: might as well uncomment it and put in a number like 389 or 390, lets see what happens; worst case we'll see a message in the log saying "option not supported"
davidjheinrich_: k, I'll give it a try
davidjheinrich_: brb, going to kill & restart X
davidjheinrich_: uncommented Maxclock, still no 2048x1536@85Hz
max_radeon: is there anyone with access to mesa/drm branch r6xx-r7xx-support?
max_radeon: It doesn't work as it is with 2.6.29
max_radeon: ( complaining about init_mm )
max_radeon: fixed it by merging with master
max_radeon: so maybe it should be done in repo at freedesktop.org?
davidjheinrich_: after adding the 'Option "MaxClock" "390"' it says, "(WW) RADEONHD(0): Option "MaxClock" is not used
davidjheinrich_: also says ModeDebug, TargetRefresh, MinClock, and PreferredMode not used...probably because I put in 'Option "NoRandr"
Eythan: kevin06> :)
kevin06: ;)
ram_m: yangman: are you there?
yangman: ram_m: ?
ram_m: yangman: are you there? Just wanted to thank you for you feedback two days ago diagnosing my radeonhd problem.
yangman: np
ram_m: I changed the motherboard. Now, radeonhd drivers work beautifully as well as ATI proprietary drivers.
yangman: good news :)
ram_m: I had been struggling with the board (new computer build) for almost 3 weeks.
ram_m: Always I assumed I was doing something wrong.
ram_m: I did all the usual things that consistently reproduced the problem, they are all gone. I am a happy camper. Just logged into xchat to say thanks to you for your help and saving me from further frustration.
ram_m: bye now.
ram_m: Will log out.
yangman: you're welcome. cya