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FOSDEM X.Org 2008 Videos

Below are each of the talks that were recorded at the X.Org development room during FOSDEM 2008. The audio for the most part should be fine but could be easily cleaned up to remove the bit of background noise if you so desire. There may be a few minutes missing at the start or the end of some of the talks, due to fiddling with the digital recorder, memory capacity, etc but overall it should be in good shape.

Day 1

AMD's John Bridgman - Open-Sourcing ATI (119MB; Ogg Theora)

Novell's Egbert Eich - RadeonHD Driver (95MB; Ogg Theora)

Nouveau's Stephane Marchesin - Open-Source NVIDIA (Nouveau) Driver (90MB; Ogg Theora)

Day 2 - Morning

Helge Bahmann - X-Audio (59MB; Ogg Theora)

Remi Cardona - Metisse & X.Org (87MB; Ogg Theora)

Daniel Stone - X Input & Its Mess (67MB; Ogg Theora)

Day 2 - Afternoon

Michael Meeuwisse - Project VGA (71MB; Ogg Theora)

Keith Whitwell - Gallium3D (106MB; Ogg Theora)

Jerome Glisse - Radeon Kernel Mode-Setting & Gallium3D (67MB; Ogg Theora)

Keith Packard - Intel & X.Org (96MB; Ogg Theora)

For more informaton and schedule on X@FOSDEM 2008, see the X.Org Wiki.