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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-05

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rmh3093: airlied, ping
rmh3093: nevermind
terracon: airlied: r300 + agp + ksm , on or off for f10, (just wondering)
terracon: ksm = kms
berniyh: hi, someone got a short description of what Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" does and if it is encouraged to use it?
jnoah1984: FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module fglrx.ko uses GPL-only symbol '__rcu_read_unlock'
jnoah1984: trying to fix this, anyone know how to fix this?
jnoah1984: It has to do with replacing MODULE_EXPORT with MODULE_EXPORT_GPL in kernel source, but I don't know where that would be.
jnoah1984: I'm grepping through the source, but it's taking forever. Hoping for a quicker answer. :D
jnoah1984: anyone know where to change MODULE_EXPORT?
z3ro: jnoah1984: iirc with fglrx you have to have some config option disabled so that it doesn't attempt to use a GPL only symbol.
z3ro: yeah, disable PREEMPT_RCU
z3ro: the gentoo ebuild has a full list of symbols you need dis/enabled.
jnoah1984: ehich ebuild? The ati one?
z3ro: ati-drivers
jnoah1984: which*
jnoah1984: k
z3ro: let me know if it works. I'm going to try it out too, but I'm just waiting for the rest of the upgrades to compile.
z3ro: I forgot to upgrade for a while, so I had like 200 packages. =/
jnoah1984: lol. Compiling kernel now
jnoah1984: z3ro, I have only been able to get the compile to sort of work with gcc3.4, which means you need to build a kernel with gcc3.4 as well..
z3ro: worked for me with whatever version of gcc I had installed before... which would have been 4.x
z3ro: the ebuild might do some fixing, though.
jnoah1984: z3ro, using fglrx8.54.3 no ebuild for it
z3ro: theres one in bugzilla
jnoah1984: linky?
z3ro: one sec
z3ro: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=236871
z3ro: you have to patch the xorg-server ebuild too to remove the blocker.
jnoah1984: where is the ebuild? I just see patches...
z3ro: yeah, copy the old one (8.542) and patch that.
jnoah1984: k
jnoah1984: z3ro, am I going to need to setup an overlay?
jnoah1984: nvm
z3ro: jnoah1984: yes
hifi: is now the right time to say "lol gentoo"?
z3ro: hifi: if you like... I've always had some problem with binary distros and trying to run the latest stuff.
hifi: it's just plain FUN to see people suffering from compiling 200 packages inc. openoffice and such :)
z3ro: it's not so bad if you remember to update frequently. :P
hifi: I had gentoo once, nothing to complain, my maxtor died before gentoo
hifi: (surprise)
z3ro: nice, fglrx works with xorg 1.5.x :)
z3ro: which is pretty suprising...
z3ro: hmm looks like SDL breaks when trying to get a single buffered mode. =/
z3ro: I should just rewrite revenge to use glx.
icewaterman: z3ro: i used gentoo for almost a year, the distro is quite fine, but the maintenance load is extremly high compared to binary distros - and i do not mean the compiling stuff
z3ro: damn, either revenge is missing the packets from the first few tests, or fglrx is doing something (un)intelligent and keeping track of glClears
z3ro: eg so it knows it doesn't have to render anything if the buffer is clear and alpha test is set so the result would be unchanged.
jnoah1984: z3ro, which kernel are you using?
jnoah1984: ah, nvm
jnoah1984: I am using 2.6.27 and I can't get that patch to work...
z3ro: yeah it might not work on the latest kernels.
z3ro: hmm this is really weird... the behaviour of fglrx seems really inconsistant.
adamk: I've been experiencing an annoying bug with distortion with the mouse cursor for a while now... I finally decided to report it, but the few screenshot utilities I've tried don't show the cursor :-) Any ideas on how I can get a screenshot of this, short of grabbing a digital camera?
MrCooper: assuming it doesn't happen with SWcursor, a camera will be the only way
adamk: Heh... Alright, I'll check with swcursor.
MostAwesomeDude: Yes, finally got back into my mail.
MostAwesomeDude: Jesus, 250 messages. :c
adamk: Well, it goes away when switching to SWCursor.. Rebooting is the only way to get the cursor back to normal when this happens to me, and simply switching to SWCursor and restarting X seems to have remedied it, at least for now anyway.
adamk: What disadvantages are there to using swcursor?
MrCooper: it doesn't work well with 3D and Xv and will generally flicker when the cursor is over an area being updated
adamk: Ooh, you're right. I just noticed the Xv flicker.
adamk: I'll have to grab a digital camera at some point today :-)
MrCooper: adamk: FWIW, I'm pretty sure there's at least one bug report about something like this already, you might want to check that before
adamk: Ah, good idea.
jnoah1984: I have an overlay setup for fglrx-8.54.3 if anyone wants to use it. The overlay works, but I'm testing the packages now.
jnoah1984: I don't know if it will work with the 2.6.27* kernels though, that's what I am trying.
glisse: dri2 is lot more fun than i expected, exa padd width with 1 which brokes everythings...
jnoah1984: anyone having any luck getting fglrx-8.543 working? I am getting [fglrx:firegl_cail_init] *ERROR* AGP acquire failed, error -19
jnoah1984: I think I am close, just that's the last remaining part...
jnoah1984: Once that is solved, I can finally use revenge!
jnoah1984: I'm asking in #ati, but no response yet...
spstarr_coding: it wants to use AGP? :)
jnoah1984: spstarr_coding, ya, I have a r350 AGP card
spstarr_coding: same (mobile)
jnoah1984: same as what?
spstarr_coding: <- rv350
jnoah1984: oh
spstarr_coding: is that the newest fglrx? if so they dont have support for r3xx anymore
jnoah1984: Did you get fglrx-8.54.3 working?
jnoah1984: oh serious! That's why then...
spstarr_coding: check readme ;)
jnoah1984: Which means I can't use xserver 1.5 with fglrx... Damn ati. I've worked on this for 2 days now to find out this now. Damnit
spstarr_coding: well check readme to be sure.. but airlied mentioned it was removed for r3xx
jnoah1984: If my laptop didn't brake it wouldn't be a problem... I'd be able to use it, but it broke... So I am on my desktop which is older
spstarr_coding: the open source one works for 2D fine 3D is hit and miss for r3xx and not stable
jnoah1984: ya, I know. I am going to work on fogcoords for the opensource ati driver, but I was going to get fglrx dumps first. Looks like I am going to fglrx 8.9 and xserver 1.4... Lame
spstarr_coding: yep
jnoah1984: and I just worked forever on setting up an overlay with patches and everything...damn, that sucks.
jnoah1984: oh well. I will run revenge in a few, as soon as I get xserver 1.4.2 going...
jnoah1984: MostAwesomeDude, all this work has been for nothing. FGLRX-8.543 doesn't support r3xx (my Radeon 9800PRO)
MostAwesomeDude: jnoah1984: Hm. Do you have PCI-E and room for a dual-slot card? I can come down this weekend and loan you my X1950XT and we can do some dumps...
jnoah1984: I have no PCI-E slots
MostAwesomeDude: Or perhaps does it support r4xx? I've got a single-slot --
MostAwesomeDude: Oh.
jnoah1984: it's an old board
MostAwesomeDude: Yeah.
jnoah1984: If you have an r4xx AGP, sure, else, no
MostAwesomeDude: Hm. Um, could you rebuild the kernel modular, with the Marvell sky2 driver, and then PM me? :3
jnoah1984: MostAwesomeDude, I am switching back to xorg-server 1.4.2 and fglrx-8.54.2 for dumps...
MostAwesomeDude: Icky. Well, do what you gotta do. I've gotta stay with Xserver 1.5.
jnoah1984: MAD, it's ati's fault...
MostAwesomeDude: jnoah1984: Meh, I'm not gonna blame AMD. They've been pretty good to us so far.
jnoah1984: They have been except for dropping my card when they get xserver 1.5 support... oh well, life is life...
spstarr_coding: it would be nice if they could cut the code they dropped and give us a diff :)
jnoah1984: lol ya
jnoah1984: Are there Radeon 9800 PCI-E cards?
MostAwesomeDude: jnoah1984: Nope, only r4xx and up are PCI-E.
jnoah1984: Ya, I just remembered that AMD isn't offering 8.54.3 on their driver page yet.
agd5f: jnoah1984: the only pcie r3xx cards were the rv370's (x300s, x600s)
jnoah1984: agd5f, thanks
jnoah1984: did fglrx drop r3xx in 8.54.x?
jnoah1984: I know they did in .3, but in .2 as well?
luke-jr: wtf
luke-jr: I just bought a r3xx
jnoah1984: that sucks luke-jr, AMD decided to drop it...
jnoah1984: My laptop died recently so an r3xx is all that I have
otaylor: Luckily the only drivers on topic in this channel didn't drop r3xx support
jnoah1984: otayler, it's related. Trying to use revenge for dumps...
otaylor: jnoah1984: is there that much interesting to reverse engineer for r3xx these days?
jnoah1984: Trying to figure out stuff for fogcoords, getting this driver up to OGL1.4, so um, ya
jnoah1984: brb
otaylor: jnoah1984: OK, that's a legitimate use of fglrx .. though probably not a very convincing one for ATI to keep putting in the r3xx work... :-)
jnoah1984: ya, true
spstarr_coding: we support you
spstarr_coding: (the r3xx (AGP) users)
jnoah1984: really?
jnoah1984: brb
spstarr_coding: interesting lil chat with krh today
rmh3093: airlied, ping
rmh3093: which branch is more up 2 date right now, rawhide-drm or modesetting-gem?
rmh3093: ^^ anyone can answer that if they know
agd5f: rmh3093: they should be pretty much the same at this point
rmh3093: in terms of radeon code? so i should be using modesetting-gem cause it has newer intel code too right
agd5f: rmh3093: yeah, radeon code-wise, I'm not sure on the intel stuff
rmh3093: k thanks
jnoah1984: So fore reverse engineering purposes, what kernel/xserver/fglrx match have you gotten to work? I have been running around in circles try stuff out with no luck.
jnoah1984: for* trying*
z3ro: jnoah1984: kernel with xorg 1.4.2 and fglrx 8.542 works for me on my cards (currently an r6xx, but also various r5xx and r4xx)
z3ro: 8.543 worked, but it gave some weird gl errors when trying to run my engine, so I downgraded again.
jnoah1984: Ok, I'll try that a bit later... At work now. Thanks!
z3ro: strangely quake3 ran fine, so it might just be the more advanced features it dies on.
z3ro: shrugs.
jnoah1984: Makes sense. ;)
jnoah1984: wow, my net just went wack
Hilton: This a good place to get help on making a Radeon 9600 and Ubuntu 8.10 cooperate?
jnoah1984: #ati or #ubuntu
jnoah1984: wait, radeon will work... nvm, yes, but those others will work as well
Hilton: #ati is for fglrx which has apparently dropped support for 9000-series cards in the latest release.
jnoah1984: yes, I know, I jumped to soon.
Hilton: The open driver included with Ubuntu is locking the GPU after a few minutes, while FGLRX says no card it supports is installed.
MostAwesomeDude: Is anything showing up in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
jnoah1984: I personally don't know the answer, but have you tried looking through Ubuntu Forums yet?
Hilton: A bit. I will have to wait to tell you, MAD, since the PC I've installed Ubuntu on is in use on an XP drive. Have to wait, change some drive plugs, and reboot. (Used separate drives for safety; couldn't risk losing the data on the XP drives)
Hilton: Booting Ubuntu.
Hilton: .. Possibly silly question: Do all distros of Linux use the same open-source graphics driver?
Hilton: I presume Xorg.0.log is overwritten every time X starts...
Hilton: I can't see anything indicating an error in Xorg.0.log.old. There is also an Xorg.99.log - should I check it?
MostAwesomeDude: Sounds like Xgl un-fun times.
MostAwesomeDude: Are you in compiz?
Hilton: There are some odd things in the .99.log
Hilton: About the proprietary driver, though
MostAwesomeDude: Hm.
Hilton: is going to play around in the GUI until it freezes, then reboot and check the log before X starts.
Hilton: Hmm...how do I prevent it from going into the GUI?
jnoah1984: prevent what from going into GUI?
jnoah1984: after logging in?
Hilton: The login is in GUI too... isn't that part of X?
jnoah1984: Ctrl+Alt+F{1-6} choose text terminals
jnoah1984: rather than a GUI environment.
Hilton: Yes I know that...but I need it to not erase the log; prevent X from starting at all.
jnoah1984: MostAwesomeDude, you have something for this?
MostAwesomeDude: jnoah1984: If it's Ubuntu being stupid and running Xgl, then the solution is to remove xserver-xgl.
jnoah1984: It's not
jnoah1984: Ubuntu doesn't run xgl
MostAwesomeDude: Then I dunno.
jnoah1984: At least I don't think they do
jnoah1984: They never have, never checked for 8.10 though
jnoah1984: MostAwesomeDude, I meant do you know of a way to deal with what Hilton was describing?
MostAwesomeDude: jnoah1984: Yes. Remove Xgl. :3
jnoah1984: (21:43:33) Hilton: Yes I know that...but I need it to not erase the log; prevent X from starting at all.
MostAwesomeDude: But if they don't ship Xgl anymore, then I dunno.
jnoah1984: Hilton, does intrepid have xgl?
Hilton: You got me. *N00B*
jnoah1984: k, one sec
Hilton: Interestingly enough it's not freezing up this time. *boggles*
Hilton: At least, not yet
jnoah1984: hmm, weird
Hilton: bbiab
jnoah1984: Hilton, open Synaptic (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager) I think. Search for xgl and let me know what packages you have marked installed. Relating to XGL
Hilton: nothing.