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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-07

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esthar: ALso projectM's performance is very slow
esthar: I don't know if this is due to the state of the driver's ability to utilise OpenGL or if it's just my messed up configuration (I'd hope it to be the latter)
rx__: MostAwesomeDude; got my email?
MostAwesomeDude: rx__: Yes. Thanks. :3
rx__: k just checking :)
agd5f: esthar: does kwin use GL or render? if it's GL you'll need to make sure AIGLX is working
z3ro: jnoah1984: I just got back from the clubs, so I'm a little bit out of it right now...
z3ro: I'll look at it when I'm sober. :)
gustaf1: hello there. are there any plans to integrate -ati with GEM any time soon?
glisse: gustaf1: works is under way various modesetting-gem of drm and gem branch of ddx
gustaf1: cool. so we'll see ati support for gem in kernel .29 or .30 or so you think?
glisse: .30i think
gustaf1: cool enough
glisse: well we need a bit of testing before pushing bits as once it's in we stuck with them
gustaf1: sure, and without testing you might get an angry torvalds screaming at you ;)
glisse: he is right to scream, allmost all times he motivates his opinion with valid technical point
gustaf1: I agree. we would have a bad mess of a kernel without the screaming and being stubborn.
gustaf1: reading up on wayland. what's you peoples thoughts? I think it sounds like a dream.
spstarr_work: will test
spstarr_work: gustaf1: from what krh told me, its still a toy :)
spstarr_work: gustaf1: but who knows, it might become a new display server with X on top
gustaf1: I certainly hope so. what the discussion with that nokia guy reveals, is serious thought about a sustainable architecture.
gustaf1: nokia->trolltech->qt
Boxfire: So I still have the black screen on my laptop - Xpress 200M 5955. I messed with memory, made sure the radeonfb was out of my kernel... using the latest git sources. I have used experimental rendering before sucessfully, but now drm leaves me in a state with a black screen. Running out of things to look for
spstarr_work: Qt and KDE are linked :)
oga: anyone who knows the RS480s about?
zirconwer: hello
zirconwer: i have a issue with catalyst 8.10 drivers
adamk: zirconwer, Check the topic.
zirconwer: and ati 4550
zirconwer: ok 10x where can i find soem answer about how to force 16801080 resolution
adamk: If you are using the fglrx (aka catalyst) drivers, you should ask on #ati
zirconwer: ok thanks
zirconwer: adamak can u please help me with some other channels beacuse on #ati i didn't fund any answer
adamk: zirconwer, I am really not familiar with the catalyst driver, sorry.
zirconwer: ok thanks but i don't think it's relateted to catalyst driver i think are some regestry tweaks but i don't know hwhat to change anyway thank you very much
otaylor: zirconwer: you know this channel is about Linux?
adamk: otaylor, AMD calls fglrx catalyst, too :-)
zirconwer: ok thanks i will not bother you
otaylor: adamk: Yeah, but no "registry tweaks" for on Linux generally
adamk: Ahhh, I competely missed that reference :-)
adamk: Thanks :-)
rx__: huh.. planet.freedesktop.org picked up an interesting feed
spstarr_work: looks
spstarr_work: rx__: rejon.org password prompt? ;)
rx__: yep
spstarr_work: hehe
spstarr_work: thought someone hijacked my browser session ;p
oga: agd5f?
agd5f: oga?
spstarr_work: MrCooper: i see you've been touching the GLX
spstarr_work: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=a7951a4dad902edea76a5cd68f833f0e48ae804b
rx__: j aircrack-ng
rx__: er.. oops
AlliedEnvy: Hi, I'm trying to use the video-out on my 9200se, is this supported?
luke-jr: I would expect so.
AlliedEnvy: :\ I'm just getting static while in X, no matter what I try. During boot, I at least get garbled versions of the boot screens.