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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-08

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GNUtoo: hello,what's the more recent model that : 1)has 3d 2)does not use the atom bios if the atom bios runs on the CPU and not on the card
chithead: I think the last models that don't use atombios are radeon x800 series
GNUtoo: so it's the r300 driver...don't know if i will be able to find that kind of cards...
GNUtoo: thanks
chithead: GNUtoo: radeonhd also doesn't use atombios for r500 cards
GNUtoo: chithead, but radeonhd now uses atombios...so can it be disabled(the atombios part)
GNUtoo: ?
chithead: GNUtoo: it uses only atombios for r700
GNUtoo: ah ok thanks a lot
GNUtoo: chithead, so i could also buy a RS6xx ...because the wiki says 3D acceleration is only implemented on R5xx and RS6xx upto now
glisse: GNUtoo: why don't you want atombios ?
chithead: yes, rs690 and rs740 are supported with 3d and mobos are very inexpensive
GNUtoo: glisse, i'm planning to buy a pc with 100% free software on the CPU...if i find the components i'll use coreboot on the mainboard,and so I also want no blobs on the main CPU
glisse: GNUtoo: atombios != closed firmware
chithead: GNUtoo: good luck finding a hdd with free firmware ;)
glisse: we do have atombios code source
GNUtoo: chithead, the firmwares are another story...they don't run on the main CPU
glisse: atombios is just a script of which we know each opcode and what each opcode does
GNUtoo: glisse, ah ok...so mabe i'll just buy a supported card
GNUtoo: glisse, thanks a lot!!!
glisse: btw iirc rs690 does have atombios
glisse: rs740 definitly have atombios
GNUtoo: i've found an HD3450 512MB is it a good card?
GNUtoo: mmm...accorfing to http://wiki.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature there is a lot of todo or WIP for both drivers...
GNUtoo: (for r600)
chithead: GNUtoo: it is r600, so no open source 3d atm. and it has uvd1 so probably no accelerated video decoding ever
GNUtoo: ok thanks a lot
chithead: radeon 4350 has uvd2 which might have open source xmvc in the future, and costs about as much
GNUtoo: the biggest problem would be xv/xvmc...not uvd
GNUtoo: i've chosen this one because it also has no fans...
GNUtoo: ok
GNUtoo: and does the asus M2V-MX SE have soldered bios or is it a socketed bios...i can't find the bios on the image...
GNUtoo: s/i/I/g
GNUtoo: oops
GNUtoo: wrong channel
ntinos_: is away: im going away from keyboard
ntinos_: how can i check if i am with vesa driver ?
mcgreg: ok, today I ordered a radeon 4670 :) I hope it will generally work with radeon driver. In the case it wont work, will it fall to vesa?
luke-jr: mcgreg: you really don't want vesa.
luke-jr: and I think you mean RadeonHD
ntinos_: is away: im going away from keyboard
spstarr: hmm
spstarr: is hating the flash corruption
chithead: s/corruption//
subvertir: hey guys - what does "bo" stand for in e.g., radeon_ms_bo.c
airlied: subvertir: buffer object
subvertir: thanks!
spstarr: airlied: anything for me to test, or you taking a breather for weekend?
airlied: spstarr: you can try -88 kernel shouldn't break anything
airlied: might fix the 3 sec puases some people are seeing
spstarr: i had one lockup yesterday moving some plasmoid on desktop with EXA no comp/no kms
spstarr: will try -88 later
luke-jr: my system locks up all the time with 3D accel ☹