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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-22

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doogle: hi:)
doogle: I hope somebody can help me. I bought an EAH3650 silent magic yesterday. When i set it to 1920x1200 i see lots of pink and green lines, artifacts, flickering. In much lower resolutions it's ok. I'm using the stock drivers, i tried the latest from ATi and I have the same issue
soreau: I could be wrong, but that card is a RV635 which the radeon drivers do not yet support
doogle: Well, i swtiched back to the asus drivers which is what came with it, and it's still there:(
doogle: as an insight, If i set it to 1024x768 its ok, but if i then change the hertz to something other than 60, it goes crazy!
doogle: Maybe it's something connected to the refresh rate
doogle: i hope it's not faulty, i waited ages for it to arrive and can't lose any more work time because of it
soreau: Does running at 1024x768 prevent you from doing work?
doogle: I plugged it into the PCI-E 16 slot of my motherboard, and then set the bios to use PCI-E as default.
doogle: In a way, yes because i do audio work, and need a larger display surface. My monitor is 24" and at 1024, i don't have enough workspace. But, i can work for the moment, but if i send it back i can't, you know?
soreau: You probably should ask in #ati, as this is the support channel for the open ati drivers which do not support your card
doogle: i see, i thought it was a radeon card:(
doogle: ok, thanks
MostAwesomeDude: doogle: Still having problems?
doogle: yeah
doogle: its really strange
doogle: i built the computer yesterday, and i think i set everything right in the bios
doogle: MostAwesomeDude: do you have any ideas?
MostAwesomeDude: doogle: Which distro are you running, which version of the drivers?
doogle: what do you mean by distro? (linux?) i've tried it in xp pro sp2 and i also tried leopard 10.5.4 with same problems
MostAwesomeDude: Well, yes, this channel only provides support for the Unix-based drivers. Linux, BSD.
doogle: drivers are asus 8.511
doogle: ah
MostAwesomeDude: If you need help with ATI's official drivers, try #ati.
doogle: ok:) i'm already in ther. So i'll wait, thanks! :)
MostAwesomeDude: No problem. :3
Xperiment62: at the moment im using the fglrx driver for both my screns and opengl is usign mesa, if i switch tot he radeon driver will i be able to use opengl?
CE: Hi
CE: do all r100-r500 support solid operations on A8?
CE: e.g. XRenderFillRectangles with an A8 picture as destination?
CE: anybody?
chithead: CE: I guess the developers are all asleep now, try again in a few hours
CE: ok, thanks ;)
CE: bye
fwc: anyone around?
MostAwesomeDude: Yeah.
MostAwesomeDude: Xperiment62: Which card?
fwc: interesting, i just went from libdri 2.3.0 to 2.3.1 and from mesa 7.0.2 to 7.2 and now i get this..
fwc: (EE) AIGLX error: dlsym for __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 failed (/usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri/r300_dri.so: undefined symbol: __driCreateNewScreen_20050727)
MostAwesomeDude: If you need AIGLX, update your Xserver.
soreau: So (curious) does anyone here work for amd or ati?
fwc: problem #2, even with AIGLX disabled.. im getting no hardware accel with an X1650Pro
fwc: glxinfo is showing no direct rendering, though in the xorg log..
fwc: (II) RADEON(0): Direct rendering enabled
fwc: (II) RADEON(0): Render acceleration enabled for R300/R400/R500 type cards.
adamk: fwc, 'LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo' should tell you why DRI is failing.
fwc: ah right
fwc: easy enough.. now i want to shoot myself trying to compile a new X server.. it keeps telling me i have gl 7.0.2, but i just compiled 7.2.0, made new soft links.. hmm maybe doing this while im half asleep isnt the best idea
fwc: screw you pkg-config
fwc: anything i can do about performance? im getting like 0.5fps in alien arena @ low settings, starts up and says GL_VENDOR: DRI R300 Project, Renderer: Mesa DRI R300 20060815 AGP 4x x86/MMX+/3Dnow!+/SEE TCL.. so im gonna guess its not trying to use software. :P
janboe: is there some tool to analysis radeon registers?
janboe: thanks
janboe: hello
glisse: janboe: depends what you want
glisse: radeontool, radeondump
glisse: might found different version of them on fdo
glisse: but it's not what i call analysis program
janboe: I am reading radeon drm driver in kernel and trying to understand the mean of the register mentioned in the source code.
janboe: Any suggestions?
glisse: janboe: then doc at x.org/docs/AMD should help you
CE: do all radeon chips support solid to A8 destination?
CE: and A8+A8 composition?
glisse: CE: ie only 8bits component format ?
CE: yes
glisse: doable in shader
glisse: don't know for things before r3xx
janboe: Do the pdfs include 2d registers because I am interesting in kernel model setting?
glisse: janboe: some of them do
glisse: otherwise there is a tutorial on modesetting on x.org wiki
glisse: which is based on radeon hw
CE: glisse: do you know wether the radeon driver supports that for RENDER?
glisse: CE: don't know
CE: ok, thanks
janboe: glisse: could you tell me the url?
janboe: I could not find them.
glisse: janboe: page seems to have vanish
janboe: glisse: thanks. Is there other docs for modesetting?
glisse: wikipedia or google might help maybe
glisse: otherwise if you have specific question you might ask them here
janboe: Thank you very much, glisse
bridgman: janboe/glisse; are you talking about the AMD docs page on x.org ? It seems to be there now
bridgman: FYI there is also a mirror on amd.com - look for "Open GPU documentation"
glisse: bridgman: was refering to some page Alex wrote a while back :)
bridgman: ahh, OK
paxcoder: can someone give me a one-liner (or something similar) for debian?
paxcoder: *to install radeon
MrCooper: sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-radeon
MrCooper: or try -ati if that doesn't work
paxcoder: what ati?
paxcoder: *-ati
paxcoder: ooh
paxcoder: MrCooper: but you see, i still have to manage xorg, and install separate, new, unstable mesa to be able to use 3d
MrCooper: sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg{,-video-radeon} libgl1-mesa-dri
paxcoder: MrCooper: that's old mesa
paxcoder: and if i do new mesa, i need dependencies. see now?
MrCooper: -t experimental ?
MrCooper: it would be easier to help if you provided information about what you're actually trying and what happens
MrCooper: anyway I'm off for tonight, bbl
paxcoder: what's -t experimental?
MrCooper: sudo aptitude -t experimental install xserver-xorg{,-video-radeon} libgl1-mesa-dri
MrCooper: see the aptitude manpage
paxcoder: MrCooper: will apt-get's do the job?
paxcoder: yes it will.
MrCooper: you can try the same with s/aptitude/apt/, but aptitude has a smarter dependency resolver
MrCooper: anyway, off for real now
paxcoder: bb
paxcoder: thx i guess
stoned: hi
stoned: which driver supports ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M
stoned: do a open source driver supporting this device?
airlied: radeon
stoned: awesome
stoned: thanks
kqr: stoned: ?
stoned: export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose
stoned: glxinfo
stoned: pastebin output
kqr: http://pastebin.com/m67d08890
kqr: but i'm having major problems here... regarding my parents want me to go to bed >_<
stoned: oh
stoned: tacke the problem later then
kqr: i'll delay a little
kqr: xD
kqr: okey
stoned: and you didn't
stoned: ok
stoned: you didn't set LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose
kqr: i thought i did :S
stoned: type this export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose
kqr: xD
stoned: and then glxinfo
kqr: it's the same anyway? :S
stoned: hm
stoned: with verbose it shows more stuff of coruse
stoned: kqr, do this real quick
adamk: kqr, You're not piping it into more or less?
kqr: adamk: nope
kqr: adamk: not piping at all, actually
stoned: kqr, aptitude install libgl1-mesa-dri
stoned: kqr, if this isn't installed you get no dri
kqr: okey
kqr: libgl1-mesa-dri is already the newest version.
stoned: hm
stoned: some dri lib is not being loaded obviously
stoned: or something, and you're not properly setting the verbose somehow
stoned: not sure what else to tell ya
adamk: He has AIGLX, so the r300_dri.so is definitely installed.
adamk: Maybe it's the libGL.so.1.2 that's wrong?
adamk: kqr, You could try 'apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri'
adamk: That will reinstall both the libGL and the DRI modules.
stoned: hmm
stoned: that may do it
kqr: trying
stoned: but his card is r200
stoned: I beleive
stoned: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M
adamk: stoned, So?
adamk: Oh, gotcha.
adamk: So the server is loading r200_dri.so or radeon_dri.so.
stoned: something like that
adamk: Either way, it looks like the DRI drivers are installed, but it can't hurt to reinstall them.
kqr: try x restart after reinstall?
stoned: well I brought him to the right place after I kinda failed to help in #debian
adamk: kqr, It should not be necessary.
stoned: so you're the experts :)
kqr: adamk: okey? :S
adamk: kqr, Just check 'glxinfo' again.
kqr: adamk: what part?
stoned: |grep dir
stoned: for nwo
adamk: kqr, The "Direct Rendering" part :-)
kqr: http://pastebin.com/m105b0562
kqr: :S
stoned: ahh there it is
adamk: kqr, That's *after* running the reinstall command?
kqr: adamk: yup, i think
adamk: kqr, If that's the case, then the Debian packages are screwed up.
kqr: ^^
spstarr: hullo
FAJ: hi i am using an ati video card on a laptop; i have window reflections enabled, but it is not showing up, using open source ati/radeon drivers on ubuntu, and #compiz said to come here...
janboe: Hi, is there somewhere I could find the description of RADEON_SCLK_CNTL?
janboe: Ok. What's the mean of RADEON_SCLK_FORCE_CP?
rx__: you already went through the docs?
janboe: pdfs in AMD dir on x.org?
rx__: yea
janboe: I could not find the description in the documents that I download from AMD site. Could you give me the url in x.org?
janboe: I find it. But I already search it in the pdfs
janboe: rx__: Any other suggestion?
rx__: hmm
rx__: from the code it looks like it's used to force some clocks on
rx__: command processor maybe?
janboe: yes.
rx__: what else did you want to know about it?
janboe: I want to know why we need to set force_cp and force_vip bit in SCLK_CNTL?
rx__: i would guess buggy hw.. but i don't know
janboe: do you know what SCLK mean? I guest cntl is control register.
rx__: serial clock
janboe: What is serial clock?
janboe: for GPU
rx__: hmm.. maybe someone else can help you better with your questions
janboe: thank you, rx__
fwc: GL_RENDERER = Mesa DRI R300 20060815 AGP 8x x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE TCL <- does this mean i have hardware 3d accel?
rx__: try running glxinfo | grep direct
fwc: simple as that, eh? :D thanks
rx__: that's just to check
fwc: i get a yes
fwc: still trying to figure out why alien arena is only getting 5-10fps even at lowww settings :\