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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-28

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airlied: ssieb: sorta might be off soon.
ssieb: I tried with a .26 kernel and got exactly the same result
ssieb: http://sieb.net/X-lock.jpg
ssieb: that funny square is where the mouse cursor was, I could still move the mouse around
ssieb: the main checkerboard part was strictly black and white except for the top part
ssieb: airlied: this was after a suspend and resume
ssieb: sorry, it's a big image and my upstream bandwidth is pretty small...
ssieb: I didn't want to shrink it too much to not lose the details
airlied: it might be worth reverting to the previous -ati driver from F9
ssieb: to test? or there's something wrong with the current version?
ssieb: this is F9 I'm using
airlied: well if it broke suspend/resume it might have had bad things
airlied: I haven't been keeping a good eye on F9 with F10 taking all the time
ssieb: ok, I'll test it
ssieb: airlied: I've gone back a couple of revisions and it does the same thing. should I go back a major revision?
ssieb: I did notice that there was a definite speed up recently, it got slower going back
ssieb: can't go back that far or I need to downgrade the X server as well and associated packages...
ssieb: airlied: I went back to 6.8.0-3. that's the earliest I can get to without downgrading everything. it still has the problem
ssieb: goes to sleep
dmb: ssieb, i fell like i'v seen that before
quicksilver: anyone happen to know if a readeon 9000M has the smarts to support GL_COMBINE texenv?
marcheu: sure
ossman: hello
ossman: is there any way of profiling the the command stream?
ossman: I have a performance problem and I'd like to pinpoint where the bottle neck is
anubis: Anyone sucessfully use the ATI Catalyst Control Center?
anubis: Mine always tells me I don't have an ATI driver installed.
ossman: doesn't that use some backdoor into the driver?
ossman: (i.e. is very driver specific)
anubis: If I try to install the driver from ATI specific to this card (ie, a Radeon 9200) it tells me X Server: Unable to detect.
ossman: well, as the topic says, support for the proprietary driver is in #fglrx. And I don't think there is any chance of getting anything useful out of the control center wihtout it
bobbens: anubis: it sounds like you're trying to use fglrx for a radeon 9200, that card isn't supported by fglrx and this channel doesn't deal with fglrx
ossman: sorry, #ati :)
anubis: I'm not using fglrx
bobbens: ATI Catalyist Control Center only deals with fglrx afaik
adamk: anubis, If you are trying to use the catalyst control center, you are.
anubis: Ok, I see it was still there.
anubis: I am removing it.
anubis: Is there some equivalent to the Catalyst Control Center? I would like to enable my s-video output (preferably through a Graphical Menu)
anubis: This driver I got from ATI claims to be for linux/Radeon 9200 series cards, yet it won't install.
adamk: anubis, There really should be no need to install a driver from ATI.
adamk: Your linux distribution will ship with one.
anubis: I would just like to enable my s-video out port. I need to use it as an additonal, not cloned display. It will be used to show it's own window.
adamk: anubis, And, if s-video output is supported, you should be able to enable it via the 'xrandr' command.
adamk: You could run something like 'xrandr --output s-video --auto --right-of VGA-0' assuming your other port is VGA-0.
anubis: Ok... I could put that in a script, correct?
adamk: Certainly.
anubis: Ok, I just ran that and nothing happened.
anubis: as root even
adamk: anubis, I suggest looking over this page: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Xorg_RandR_1.2
anubis: Thanks
Chaylon: Anyone know why it is doing this?: http://img252.imageshack.us/my.php?image=seelh1.png
Chaylon: it works like that, then just freezes...
Chaylon: EVERYTHING kinda leaves a black box-of-itself after moving the window, or some weirdly wrong sized image....then it just freezes...
Chaylon: ATI Radeon X300
Chaylon: If someone is around and see's what I said and think they might no a workaround, if you could email me at nevski@gmail.com (or add this address to msn) I would be very appreciative!
Chaylon: Thanks and have a wonderful day/night :)
dli_: ctl-alt-f# gives me blank console after software suspend
dli_: git xf86-video-ati, r5xx. should file a bug report for this?
[TiZ]: Hi, guys. I was using the fglrx driver for a while, but due to video playback problems, zsnes issues, and not really that much of an increase of game performance, I decided to go back to radeon. I had been using fglrx for quite a while. Now radeon is running compiz very slowly! What could be causing that?
spstarr: [TiZ]: see #ati
spstarr: oh
[TiZ]: I'm not using fglrx anymore.
[TiZ]: s'alright. :)
spstarr: which card
[TiZ]: Xpress 1150
spstarr: an r3xx
spstarr: rs485
[TiZ]: Not entirely sure on what r it is
[TiZ]: I know it's either 3xx or 4xx
[TiZ]: glxinfo says that I have direct rendering
[TiZ]: Hi. Um... I'm still having problems with radeon. I don't know too much about linux yet, and googling hasn't yielded much. I just uninstalled fglrx, in order to go back to radeon. But compiz is running really slowly, all jerky. And I don't even want to think about what would happen if I were to run OpenArena.
[TiZ]: Videos and the like run fine, though... I just watched a 720p video.
[TiZ]: Ah, actually... atieventsd is still around for some reason. Is that normal? Would that make a difference? I just checked Boot-Up Manager, and it's still there, checked.
soreau: [TiZ]: Which version of X, distro and card are you using?
[TiZ]: Ubuntu Intrepid. Xpress 1150. I think it's X.org 7.4
[TiZ]: Oh, and X Server 1.5
soreau: Do you know which rendering method you're using? (exa, xaa)
[TiZ]: No idea.
[TiZ]: I know that if things are working normally, both exa and xaa would be fine.
soreau: /var/log/Xorg.0.log should shed some light on this
[TiZ]: I've searched it for (EE)s, and there are none. Should I pastebin it?
soreau: sure
[TiZ]: http://pastebin.com/f2c1d6d84
soreau: You should probably try exa since you have x 1.5 and are using xaa atm
soreau: By commenting out any references to XAA and add this line to the Device section of xorg.conf: Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"
[TiZ]: Alright... if I get radeon working, I'll use exa, since it's newer anyways. But I don't think that has anything to do with compiz being extremely jerky after uninstalling fglrx. With default xorg.conf (which is relatively blank), before installing fglrx, I had great performance with radeon before installing fglrx. Now compiz is jerky as heck, and it hurts watching maximized windows try to minimize. I don't think EXA vs XAA is related...
[TiZ]: Like I said before, if I open boot-up manager, atieventsd, from fglrx, is still there, and checked.
[TiZ]: Could that have anything to do with this?
[TiZ]: This won't be any use at all, but here's my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/f2a0c0231
soreau: My one and only suggestion is to try exa
[TiZ]: I see. Well, thanks for your help. :)