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Radeon IRC Logs For 2009-12-30

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tavl: any clue?
cxo: you dont need a very new Xorg
cxo: i have xserver-1.6.4
cxo: tavl, when i said drm, i mean "libdrm". The name in the repos is "drm"
cxo: you should use drm,mesa and x86-video-ati from git
cxo: there are no specific versions being released that i know for suse
tavl: ok... but what about the dependencies for building those?
cxo: its all in the wiki. But just try build it and if it fails look for the deps :)
tavl: ok, ill take a look, thanks
Nightwulf|work: hi all
tavl: cxo, any clue why my git clone command is stuck at "Initialized empty Git repository in..." ??!
erilliam: tavl: Possible their server is down, or you have a firewall/something block it
erilliam: I get that in a place where non-http traffic seems to be blocked
blondie: heyy
tavl: hum... i'll take a look at my firewall, but i dont think this is the problem... :(
erilliam: If you manage it yourself, it's probably not the issue
erilliam: More likely something that happens at a strict workplace
cxo: tavl, sounds like a problem with your network connection, kill it and try again
tavl: cxo: well, i tried to use the http:// style address and it's working... but the git:// is not... no idea what is up...
Reilithion: Hey
Reilithion: Can I just say, that I have wanted transparency for all my windows for a long time. And now, thanks to the radeon driver and compiz, I have it. Thank you so much!
sylware: Hi, is there a technical description of the cross-fire link somewhere? (I guess it's a bus for high speed vram-vram transfer)
eosie: MostAwesomeDude: ping
chant: Anyone here have access to update http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonBuildHowTo ?
chant: under "Mesa (3D) someone should add r600 to the --with-dri-drivers portion on the ./configure example.
amarsh04: chant, why not report it under https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Mesa like the page suggests?
chant: Sure, makes sense.
MrCooper: no need for a bug report for a wiki change
amarsh04: MrCooper, if the wiki page is immutabe, how else could it get updated?
MrCooper: create an account
amarsh04: ah, ok
hifi: also the stable branch could be updated in the example
amarsh04: I'm just used to Debian where everything goes through reportbug
hifi: oh, 7.5 is still the stable release
amarsh04: mesa 7.6.1 just entered Debian unstable
Nightwulf|work: is happy to use archlinux...mesa 7.7 went to stable yesterday :)
lockheed: congrats!
Nightwulf|work: now using opengl 1.5 with radeon driver :D
lockheed: kool :)
Nightwulf|work: well, kms doesn't work any longer for me but that will be corrected soon, i'm sure
lockheed: I'm a bit stuck getting games to work
lockheed: no luck in running second life again
Nightwulf|work: hmm...didn't try to run 2nd life yet
lockheed: maybe I'm just doing something wrong. no idea
orly_owl: hi
orly_owl: is the Radeon Xpress 1250 one of the cards ATI write free (as in freedom) drivers for?
orly_owl: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16813131172
lockheed: Good Morning/Eveing
orly_owl: hey
lockheed: yo
lockheed: I use the radeon driver for my X1600
orly_owl: and my question?
lockheed: well
orly_owl: yes?
lockheed: no idea
orly_owl: right
lockheed: sorry
adamk: orly_owl: Yes, that card is supported by the open source drivers.
orly_owl: ok thanks
orly_owl: now to get coreboot working better on it
orly_owl: http://www.coreboot.org/ASUS_M2A-VM
adamk: At this point, all radeons except for HD5*** cards are supported by open source drivers.
orly_owl: oh ok
maligor: coreboot supports audio?
maligor: I thought it was just a basic bootloader
hifi: coreboot is a BIOS replacement, why would it care about audio?
maligor: hifi, just wondering since the feature list lists coreboot saying "No verb!" for the audio device
hifi: maligor: maybe it means if it can enable/disable onboard audio from coreboot
e7th04sh: http://pastebin.ca/1731750 while playing open arena
e7th04sh: tell me if it's a thing i should fix, or a problem that should be reported as bug
e7th04sh: please :)
lockheed: hey, I've seen this before
lockheed: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25179
lockheed: happens in secondlife too
e7th04sh: Most time i can play single player without any problems. It happens frequently on certain maps, the more bots present, the more often.
e7th04sh: It happens very fast every time i try to play over the internet.
e7th04sh: I have recently upgraded debian to squeeze. I haven't played openarena extensively befor tough, so the circumstances in which it segfaults never occured.
e7th04sh: (before the upgrade that is)
e7th04sh: I gotta check some other games that i played a lot to see if they cease to work properly after the upgrade too.
e7th04sh: this time it happened after 8 minutes, it's a record
kdeman: Radeon driver usually works with the HD 5870 card for 2D.
kdeman: Recompile mesa git from today (use mainly the mesa 7.7/7.8-dev branch)..skip 7.6.1
kdeman: You'll need (software) hardware support for GLSL enabled by default.
uzi18: hi all have problems after 2.6.32-rc8 to insmod radeon on rv770
uzi18: firs it was lack of firmwares to irq support but after all i've copied them to firmwares i have black screen on modprobe radeon
BioTube: you need to load fbcon for a KMS console
uzi18: ok know this
uzi18: but have this compiled in kernel
uzi18: on modprobe kernel hangs
uzi18: with black screen ;/
BioTube: are you sure?
BioTube: i had the option set to 'y', but still got an fbcon module until I built the drm in
uzi18: yes because before modprobe keyboard numlock works and after no
uzi18: and disks stops ;/
uzi18: any clue? maybie some suggestions to know what to check ?
uzi18: ok i will disable radeon in /etc/modules first ;)
kdeman: load fbcon before radeon
e7th04sh: kdeman i am kinda reluctant to compiling important parts of system, i am on debian
kdeman: e7th04sh: just do a basic update and check mesa version in use. (7.6.1/7.7)
uzi18: ok as always fbcon problem
uzi18: but cant insmod radeon in initrd because of "lack" of firmware ;/
uzi18: but they are in initrd so it is funny ;/
Ghworg: uzi18: udev bug is likely culprit for that
uzi18: Ghworg: but i have disabled udev in initrd
Ghworg: uzi18: Okay, so my guess is wrong then
uzi18: but i coul check with udev maybe this is sollution ;)
uzi18: could
kdeman: e7th04sh: Try testing Debian (Squeeze).
e7th04sh: yep, got testing debian here
uzi18: ok thx
e7th04sh: kdeman, i got 7.6.1
kdeman: e7th04sh: what does your 'glxinfo:grep OpenGL' say?
kdeman: "X.Y Mesa 7.6.1"
e7th04sh: 1.3 Mesa 7.6
kdeman: hmm...that wouldn't be right
e7th04sh: yeah
kdeman: What card?
kdeman: Update your mesa packages to get a report of "X.Y Mesa 7.6.1"
e7th04sh: sorry, i had to go for a while
e7th04sh: it's 9200SE
e7th04sh: it doesn't seem that i have any outdated mesa packages
e7th04sh: damnit :/
Ghworg: 7.6.1 is only in unstable. Either update to that or wait 10+ days for it to migrate to testing
e7th04sh: Ghworg in synaptic i chcked properites of libgl1.2Debian-glx (or whatever) and it said 7.6.1
kdeman: e7th04sh: Ah.. 92xx series... then.. things are ok from the glxinfo report.
kdeman: e7th04sh: was everything working ok before?
e7th04sh: hmmm depends on what you call before, but generally everything is still working fine
kdeman: e7th04sh: something simple like Neverball could be used to test things or awhile...then move up to OpenArena.
kdeman: ok
e7th04sh: i have played openarena over the internet for th first tiem today
kdeman: Was the issues during online play online?
e7th04sh: this
e7th04sh: and
e7th04sh: in single player with many bots
e7th04sh: perhaps it's related to one of the models? that would explain why it happens more often when i use all 11 bot slots
e7th04sh: and also someone commented on the bug report that somebody here linked to before
kdeman: Which one?
e7th04sh: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25179
e7th04sh: i dont know which model would cause the problem, if any
e7th04sh: "using the latest
e7th04sh: community 3.6.10 MediaVPs (3D models and other game related media files)."
e7th04sh: seems like a problem is related to some subset of possible media
e7th04sh: why is it ok for glxinfo to report 7.6 with 92xx radeon, with mesa package 7.6.1 ?
kdeman: Technically, it should report "1.3 Mesa 7.6.1" for the 9200SE
Ghworg: e7th04sh: It probably said 7.6-1 not 7.6.1. The testing version of mesa is 7.6, debian revision 1, not 7.6.1 debian revision 1.
kdeman: True.
e7th04sh: oh right
kdeman: Otherwsie, Mesa looks ok.
hifi: 2.6.33-rc2 radeon module fails badly on R700 when the firmware is missing
agd5f: taiu: your changes look good
hifi: bad NULL pointer reference, probably reported already
hifi: http://hifi.iki.fi/ravenshield-r7xx-wine.jpg lol, is that broken s3tc?
hifi: oh look, theres "dllCore" on the wall
hifi: looks like the matrix!
kdeman: hifi: Actually, loks cool.
hifi: does
maligor: hifi, the thing in your crosshairs looks like a monster
hifi: hehe
maligor: and the car(?) looks like it's from matrix
hifi: its a truck, yes
taiu: agd5f: ok, dont have time to push this year though ...
amarsh04: e7th04sh, my radeon 9200se under Debian unstable gives this glxinfo: http://paste.debian.net/55239/
kdeman: amarsh04: Any issues with OpenArena or other games/demos?
kdeman: (within hw limits)
amarsh04: unfortunately, the machine with the 9200se agp is too slow for any of that (PII-266) Attempting to play etracer results in:
amarsh04: File radeon_dma.c function radeonReleaseDmaRegions line 344
amarsh04: Leaking dma buffer object!
amarsh04: Segmentation fault
lockheed: weird. always similar messages
amarsh04: also: etracer[4372]: segfault at 1c ip b6c02239 sp bfa4dda0 error 4 in r200_dri.so[b6b9d000+259000]
amarsh04: I might install xserver-xorg-video-radeon-dbg and try again
kdeman: hmm.. try recent snapshot of radeon driver
amarsh04: I now get "page allocation failure": http://paste.debian.net/55240/
amarsh04: yes I should kdeman
kdeman: Also, try the recent mesa git.
e7th04sh: not weird at all
kdeman: The issue also affects "Enemy Territory: Quake War" so once that is working properly (PASSING)..other things will follow.
kdeman: ok..just pull latest mesa git..seemed to fix a few things.
nus: ehm, what could be possible changes in xorg-server since 1.6.5 (latest behaving right) to prevent properly initializing LVDS on RV200? xorg-server is suspected 'cause its xf86-driver-ati-6.12.4 driving both 1.6.5 and later versions of xorg-server
nus: this is Xorg.log for the situation http://paste.pocoo.org/show/160640
nus: debugging info in the log show the LVDS was disable thrice, something went astray apparently.
nus: airlied, agd5f ping
idletask: Hello
lockheed: yo!
lordheavy_: nice :-) http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=9b0bbe15a54b3d5d0ba015a71b1cf10da04ab892
eosie: APPLE_flush_buffer_range? this is not part of GL3
eosie: ARB_map_buffer_range is
Demo: How can i install ddx?
adamk_: Demo: Is there some reason you can't use your distributions package?
Demo: adamk_: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "ddx".
tstellar: Demo: emerge xf86-video-ati
adamk_: DDX is just the term for the Xorg 2D driver... You probably want xf86-video-ati
Demo: xf86-video-ati whats that?
spreeuw: DDX
stikonas: this is DDX (Device dependant X). Currently it provides 2D and video acceleration
Demo: k, clear
Demo: can i find ddx with eix?
Demo: adamk_: can i find ddx with eix?
rehabdoll: ddx = the ati X-driver
MichaelLong: eix xf86-video-ati ...
hifi: oh, cool, max payne works fine on R7xx
hifi: only the blood from enemies are blue :)
mentor: iis
mentor: is
Demo: ouh
Demo: ok
Demo: o ok
Demo: My gentoo Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/d49406040 My ubuntu Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/d5ca8174c
Demo: On Ubuntu visuals going better
Demo: What should i do?
spreeuw: wine gamers should sit in the corner
adamk_: Demo: Define "better"
Demo: adamk_: no delaying compiz effects
Demo: adamk_: on gentoo delais
Demo: adamk_: so? What should I do?
adamk_: No idea. Could be a difference in the driver, or a difference in the version of compiz.
kdeman: hifi: Unigine: Tropics works better with today's mesa git...I noticed a GL3.doc update....cool.
adamk_: Demo: In fact, the ubuntu log file shows that it's using xf86-video-ati 6.12.99 (which means it's from git) while Gentoo shows 6.12.4.
Demo: adamk_: sowhat shoud i do?
adamk_: Demo: Try upgrading the driver in Gentoo, I guess. Or use Ubuntu.
adamk_: Demo: Check to see if compiz is the same version, too. Or Mesa.
adamk_: Demo: There could be dozens of reasons for the performance difference.
Demo: adamk_: http://pastebin.com/d657f3211
kdeman: hifi: Seeing if Max Payne can be moved to PLATINUM.
adamk_: Sorry, I know nothing about gentoo.
adamk_: Have to go.
hifi: kdeman: depends
kdeman: ?
hifi: kdeman: it did work perfectly if you don't count the blue blood and blue flash (when you get hit)
kdeman: What Wine release?
hifi: 1.1.35
kdeman: ok
hifi: though, it has a missing sound bug that I just reported and found the regression
hifi: but graphically it did look fine except the blood
hifi: and you can buy it from Steam for $2,50 today
nus: adamk: do you happen to know what git repo ubuntu uses for xf86-video-ati
nus: ?
kdeman: hifi: I'll check it out.
nus: there is no 6.12.99 tag in git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati
nus: oh, he left.
Massif: Does anyone know if there has been a fix for the catalyst drivers on Fedora 12 yet?
BioTube: Massif: proprietary driver is #ati
Massif: BioTube: Ah, thank you
mokoloko: no
mokoloko: Massif: latest catalyst doesn't support xserver 1.7.x which is in f12
Hackus: No, Catalyst drivers have support up to Fedora 10 only at the moment.
Hackus: I am running Fedora 10 and the Catalyst drivers work pretty well.
Obscene_CNN: What would cause a hang with a black screen at this point with radeon or radeonhd ? Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.ca/1731276
nus: huh, pastebin no more works with lynx/w3m :-(
evil_core: use pastebinit script
nus: i mean, the url above isn't viewable, it shows some license agreement
adamk: nus: http://pastebin.ca/ works in links and lynx
chant: to change a git tree to a particular head, do you just use git branch ?
chant: ah - git checkout is what I was looking for.
idletask: Hmm, nexuiz runs flawlessly but sauerbraten does not (1 fps)
Digital_Pioneer: Hi. I just rebuilt libdrm, xf86-video-ati from git, and I'm trying to rebuild mesa but I get this:
Digital_Pioneer: http://pastebin.ca/1732257
rah: Digital_Pioneer: don't compile gallium
rah: --disable-gallium
Digital_Pioneer: Ahh, yes.
Digital_Pioneer: OK, and those three are all I should need to rebuild, right?
rah: dunno
rah: probably
rah: yes :-)
idletask: Digital_Pioneer: libdrm first, then mesa, then you should rebuild the X server and then your ddx
Digital_Pioneer: I just upgraded my kernel to from, and I wanted to rebuild my drivers to make sure they would be happy with the upgrade before I rebooted to the new kernel.
rah: idletask: why X server?
Digital_Pioneer: Yeah, I'm a bit partial to my binary packaged X server. Saves me time. :P
idletask: rah: maybe not in fact :p
lupine_85: wonders how worky the 3D code for an RV635 is
Digital_Pioneer: OK, it works! :P
Digital_Pioneer: Now to try for that most elusive nicety, KMS.
idletask: Digital_Pioneer: what chip?
Digital_Pioneer: Err, it's an R7xx I know.
idletask: What does lspci say?
Digital_Pioneer: RV770
idletask: Don't forget that blasted firmware then
Digital_Pioneer: RV770_{me,pfp}.bin preset in /lib/firmware
Digital_Pioneer: Just enabled KMS, I think. Now rebooting.
Digital_Pioneer: Well that went very badly.
Digital_Pioneer: It said it was requesting firmware radeon/RV770_pfp.bin and then hung for about a minute before finally continuting boot, but my terminal resolution still SUCKS.
Digital_Pioneer: X started, but KDE was veeeeerrrry unhappy when I logged in.
Digital_Pioneer: Black screen. Problem with the window manager, I think.
Digital_Pioneer: Programs were running, I could see their outlines for a second when the created windows, and I could run and use a GUI terminal emulator... If I ran `kwin --replace` then I could see the open windows for a moment before it went black again.
Digital_Pioneer: Any of this sounding familiar?
idletask: Oh, you're running, correct?
idletask: It has a bug with KMS IIRC
idletask: I couldn't get it to work either
Digital_Pioneer: Ahh, yes, I see it now.
Digital_Pioneer: Checked dmesg, it couldn't find the firmware.
Digital_Pioneer: Is there a way to make it get that firmware at boot other than recompiling the kernel? :(
lupine_85: umms and aaaas over sticking xorg-edgers onto his home machine
BioTube: lupine_85: everything works on my 3450(RV620), though I'm using selfbuilt packages from before the API change
BioTube: (Debian Squeeze)
lupine_85: mm, i'm pretty glued to karmic here
lupine_85: does wine generally work?
lupine_85: is getting verry bored of rebooting into windows to play games
Digital_Pioneer: OK, so does anyone know how to make the firmwares available during boot without recompiling my kernel? :(
BioTube: is radeon compiled as a module?
Digital_Pioneer: I think so, let me check.
lupine_85: Digital_Pioneer: does it need to be in the initramfs?
Digital_Pioneer: Yes.
Digital_Pioneer: Yes to BioTube that is.
lupine_85: :)
BioTube: make sure the firmware's in the initrd
lupine_85: update-initramfs ... in debian/ubuntu, good luck in centos ;)
Digital_Pioneer: Yeah, how do I do that? I'm on Archlinux, using mkinitcpio
lupine_85: hides from the unknown system
Digital_Pioneer: I tried adding them to the FILES list in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf but to no avail.
chant: Anyone in here with permissions to update radeonBuildHowTo?
chant: I've got some updates for it.
Digital_Pioneer: Oh, I give up.
Digital_Pioneer: goes to recompile his kernel.
rhodan: How's the Cowon D2's DAC?
rhodan: Oops, that belonged to #rockbox
rhodan: How come I always hit #radeon when I hit the wrong channel?
tavl: how to check ddx current version?
boris64: Try this one: grep -n1 -i '(II) Module ati: vendor="X.Org Foundation"' /var/log/Xorg.0.log
idletask: Hello again
idletask: How strange that some 3D games run perfectly but others don't :/
Digital_Pioneer: OK, I rebuilt my kernel so that the firmwares were accessible at boot for KMS, but now the system begins boot, gives some output, then the screen is turned off. I can't tell anything else about what it's doing, whether it continues to boot or what. All I know is that Alt-Sysrq works.
amarsh04: chant, someone told me that it wasn't worth filling a bug report to update radeonBuildHowTo, claiming that one could register and then update the page, but it didn't sound right to me
Obscene_CNN: do you mean perfect as in speed or as in not mangling the display?
Digital_Pioneer: Anyone know of some logfile or anything that can tell me what the heck is going on?
chant: amash04: Ah, I didn't realize that's what you were referring to yesterday WRT the bug report
chant: I thought you were talking about the screen garbage I reported.
chant: I'll try registering, but I think it's immutable anyways.
chant: Logging in does it.
amarsh04: ah right chant
idletask: Obscene_CNN: speed
Obscene_CNN: idletask, well with a little work (okay maybe not a little) you could tweek some of the drm modules in the kernel so they don't have to mask each address they write to. In fact it might be possible to get code that takes 1/5 the time to execute.
Ghworg: Not strange at all, different games use different opengl extensions. If it happens to use an ext a lot that is slow or buggy then that affects the game
Digital_Pioneer: As soon as my system attempts to start KMS, it turns off the screen, and apparently ceases to boot. Any ideas?
chant: What kernel?
Digital_Pioneer: After it fails, Alt-Sysrq still works.
chant: r600 chip?
Digital_Pioneer: RV770
chant: yeah.
spreeuw: Digital_Pioneer: wait 30 s
chant: There's a patch for that.
spreeuw: if it then continues its lacking 700 firmware
Digital_Pioneer: spreeuw: No, I already fixed that.
chant: spreeuw: there's a missing IRQ problem
Digital_Pioneer: chant: OK, any idea where to look for this patch?
chant: yeah gimme a second
chant: I just manually did it
Digital_Pioneer: OK. Thanks. :)
spreeuw: and also be sure you have an fb console
chant: in drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/atombios_crtc.c:
Digital_Pioneer: spreeuw: Yeah... All the documentation for KMS from my distro (Arch) says to make sure to have fbcon loaded.... But that module doesn't exist. :
Digital_Pioneer: :\
spreeuw: it can also be built in
jcristau: Digital_Pioneer: then it's probably builtin
chant: comment out lines 252 and 258
spreeuw: or maybe it got renamed since
chant: drm_vblank_[post/pre]_modeset
chant: those need IRQ support and r600 doesn't have them I think
chant: when I comment those out it worked for me.
chant: apparently in 2.6.33 r600 has IRQ support so that works.
chant: see http://marc.info/?l=dri-devel&m=126137027403059&w=2
Digital_Pioneer: jcristau: That's what I'm hoping for. But fbcon isn't mentioned in the kernel config either.
Digital_Pioneer: chant: I have an RV770, not an R600... They may be the same.
Digital_Pioneer: In that respect.
chant: Try it, I bet it works.
chant: I have an RS780 :) All that matters is that it uses r600_dri I think.
Digital-Pioneer: Haha! Victory!
Digital-Pioneer: KMS works at last!
Digital-Pioneer: X doesn't, but hopefully that'll be easier to fix.
Digital-Pioneer: chant: Thanks for the help. :)
chant: No problem.
chant: I'm off to venture r600 with IRQs myself.
amarsh04: I have an rs780 in my new machine also chant
Digital-Pioneer: chant: 2.6.33?
chant: Yup, or drm-next, or whatever.
Digital-Pioneer: GL. :)
chant: amarsh04: pretty sweet for onboard FX, eh?
Obscene_CNN: is not having any luck with his rs780
amarsh04: I think it needed mesa 7.6.something before it started to look good
idletask: Well, I'm lucky with my rv790
idletask: Some things still don't work/are slow, but on the whole it works rather well
Digital-Pioneer: (EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed because of a version mismatch.
Digital-Pioneer: Did I forget to rebuild something?
Digital-Pioneer: [dri] radeon kernel module version is 2.0.0 but version 1.17.0 or newer is needed.
Digital-Pioneer: .........
mentor: Digital-Pioneer: Make sure the radeon kernel modules is loaded before X starts
Digital-Pioneer: mentor: It is, it's built into my initramfs
mentor: Does that mean it gets loaded?
Digital-Pioneer: Yeah
Digital-Pioneer: I think so. :P
Digital-Pioneer: Start X once, I lose my screen. Start it again, system crashes.
Digital-Pioneer: Crashes very badly, too. No more alt-sysrq
Ghworg: Digital-Pioneer: Your DDX isn't compiled with KMS support
Digital-Pioneer: Ghworg: OK, I'll check its configure options.
Digital-Pioneer: Ghworg: Any idea what option it needs for KMS support?
BioTube: it just needs to be compiled against a libdrm that does
BioTube: libdrm's option is --enable-radeon-experimental-api
Digital-Pioneer: That one is set.
Ghworg: Digital-Pioneer: IIRC you compile libdrm with --enabled-experimental-radeon (or something similar) then compile the DDX against that libdrm
evil_core: --enable*
evil_core: ot enabled
Ghworg: Yeah, what BioTube said
Digital-Pioneer: libdrm has --enable-radeon-experimental-api, same with nouveau though I don't need it, and --enable-udev
evil_core: and built both 32 nd 64bit libs if you are using 64bit distro and want wine and some legacy apps
Digital-Pioneer: I'll deal with wine and legacy apps after I get X running. :P
evil_core: I can share mine scripts for r500, crappy but works
evil_core: but if you are using popular distro, then probably you got better solutions than mine for PLD ;)
Digital-Pioneer: I wouldn't say Arch is a very popular distro, but it's got the best wiki I've found.
evil_core: gentoo has better
Digital-Pioneer: OK so is it safe to say that ddx is at fault here?
evil_core: and Arch is definitely popular distro, there are all PLD deserters ;)
Digital-Pioneer: evil_core: IDK what PLD is. :P
Digital-Pioneer: Unkown TLA.
BioTube: Digital-Pioneer: yes
evil_core: ddx and Mesa maybe
Digital-Pioneer: BioTube: OK, I'll start interrogating it then.
evil_core: Digital-Pioneer: pld-linux.org - we got best package manager
Digital-Pioneer: evil_core: Arch has a lot of users, to be sure, but not nearly so many as, say, Ubuntu. :P
Ghworg: Gentoo used to have the best wiki, then everything got wiped. Half the pages I look at now don't exist anymore
evil_core: Digital-Pioneer: ubuntu hasnow more idiots than users
BioTube: evil_core: I think Debian would like a word with you ;)
Digital-Pioneer: evil_core: I completely agree.
evil_core: that install it to remove it after month and tell that linux still sucks, every half of year ;)
Digital-Pioneer: evil_core: Best package manager... Which is why all of its users are defecting to Arch? ;)
Digital-Pioneer: RPM-based... Never cared for RPM much, but I don't know it very well so that's understandable.
evil_core: I blame xorg developers for that because of compisite, compiz/beryl downloaded most of those idiots
evil_core: rpm is damny quick, but poldek - it has shell-like interface
evil_core: repos are dirs, you cd, ls, etc
Digital-Pioneer: (EE) RADEON(0): Timeout trying to update memory controller settings !
Digital-Pioneer: (EE) RADEON(0): You will probably crash now ...
evil_core: I heard that arch is pld-like on moist aspects except package manager, and its more stable currently
evil_core: in the past PLD was biggest RPM distro, only debian was bigger
Digital-Pioneer: Arch is very stable. I just have a tendency to do unstable things. :P
evil_core: and gentoo got more ebuilds
Digital-Pioneer: OK, I must leave. Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to give ddx a full interrogation.
evil_core: but currently everybody got their own fork of ubuntu with changed wallpapers and gdm login ;)
chant: fan of the yeah yeah yeahs?
chant: :)
hYp3-dV7: anyone have remote wonder II
Digital_Pioneer: Hi. I've got libdrm,ddx,mesa from git (checked out and compiled today) and I just got KMS going, but now X won't start. I get this line early in the output, and I think it's the problem:
Digital_Pioneer: [dri] radeon kernel module version is 2.0.0 but version 1.17.0 or newer is needed.
BioTube: are you sure you're compiling against the libdrm with KMS enabled
Digital_Pioneer: Now, I can't figure out why the radeon driver is mad at me, since I built it against libdrm which was compiled with --enable-radeon-experimental-api
Digital_Pioneer: My libdrm configure command was: sh autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --enable-nouveau-experimental-api --enable-radeon-experimental-api --enable-udev
BioTube: take a look at xf86-video-ati's configure output
Digital_Pioneer: My ddx configure command was: ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-shave=no --enable-dependency-tracking --enable-exa --enable-dri
BioTube: does the last screen say KMS is enabled?
Digital_Pioneer: Last screen?
Digital_Pioneer: I know KMS is working, my terminal has a sane resolution.
Digital_Pioneer: ./configure output for ddx: http://pastebin.com/m591a708b
BioTube: are you using master?
BioTube: it should give a mesa-like list of enabled options
Digital_Pioneer: BioTube: I checked out my xf86-video-ati from git://anongit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati
BioTube: and git show gives "ATOM: add new power table defs" as the last commit?
BioTube: excuse me
BioTube: "configure.ac: remove unused sdkdir=$(pkg-config...) statement" is the last commit
Digital_Pioneer: Errr, no, I don't think so...
Digital_Pioneer: `git show` tells of a commit by Alex Deucher on the 22nd.
BioTube: "radeon: add cvt timing if we only have panel w/h"?
Digital_Pioneer: Yes.
BioTube: you're on 6.12-branch
BioTube: git checkout origin/master should fix you right up
Digital_Pioneer: Ah-ha.
Digital_Pioneer: Kernel modesetting: no
Digital_Pioneer: So, ehh, how do I fix this?
BioTube: it's got to be finding kms-disabled headers
Digital_Pioneer: OK, well, I've gotta run again. :( But now we know at least more about where the problem lies. Thanks. :)
Digital_Pioneer: I'll be back to tackle it more later.
Digital_Pioneer: wants his desktop's GUI back. :P
chant: current kernel appears to be missing firmware
chant: r600_rlc.bin
chant: plus it segfaults when it can't find it.
BioTube: new policy: no new firmware
BioTube: the rlc firmware missed the cutoff
chant: weird.
BioTube: though it should revert to unaccelerated mode without it
chant: naw
chant: it segfaults.
chant: Where do I grab the new ffirmware?
BioTube: http://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/radeon_ucode/
BioTube: whoops
BioTube: http://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/radeon_ucode/
BioTube: wrong guy
[Enrico]: may be it is worth to put it in the /topic
BioTube: isn't there a limit to the length?
[Enrico]: tinyurl it
[Enrico]: adding it to http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonBuildHowTo is another solution
[Enrico]: this will not waste space in the /topic
chant: brb.
chant: hopefully that fixes it :)
chant: yay.
chant: weird. running glxgears now makes an audible sound from my gfx card
chant: also waaay slower.
BioTube: the new IRQ code allows for VBLANKs
BioTube: and HDMI support was thrown in along the line
chant: I wonder what the sound is from though.
chant: Does it make any sense for 3d acceleration to get faster over time within a boot?
chant: When I first boot, I get ~720 FPS on glxgears
chant: if I play openarena for a while & exit, I get about 1700 FPS
chant: maybe system memory vs. vram?
chant: what triggers it appears to be changing resolutions in openarena
chant: its a really weird effect.