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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-05

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
McEnroe: does radeonhd have xv support or not? Wiki and manpage are kinda mutually exclusive. (I got verson 1.2.3)
Zayec: egbert: ping
Zayec: egbert: which comment I should remove to test Atom BL?
bostik: hi all
egbert: Zayec: there are a couple of #ifdef NOT_YET's in the dig and lvtma code.
bostik: can anybody confirm that radeonhd not yet implement 3d/opengl functionality ?
Zayec: bostik: google + radeonfeature
adamk: radeonhd is simply a 2D Xorg driver. 3D functionality is included in the kernel module and in Mesa.
Zayec: type this magic word, without spaces
adamk: bostik, And, yes, 3D acceleration works when using the radeonhd driver with an r500 video card.
Tronic: bostik: It most definitely does not support any kind of 2D or 3D acceleration on my HD3650.
Tronic: bostik: Scrolling webpages in Firefox is slow as hell due to lack of 2D acceleration.
Tronic: bostik: Do you look specifically for open-source drivers, or just something to have your card running properly?
adamk: bostik, And, of course, r500 DRI support requires a rather new version of the linux kernel and a new version of Mesa.
bostik: Tronic, in two words i would like to play quake3 on my freebsd box
Tronic: bostik: Doesn't the ATI driver (fglrx) run on that?
adamk: No.
adamk: Mesa 7.2 and Xserver 1.5.2 will be included in the ports tree after the FreeBSD 7.1 release.
adamk: You will still need to compile the kernel module from source, but that should be enough to get r500 support going if you have such a card.
adamk: bostik, But you still haven't told us what card you have :-) So all this information might be useless to you.
bostik: i have a radeon ati 2400
adamk: Then, no, there is no 3D acceleration (or 2D acceleration) in any open source drivers for your GPU.
bostik: if i remember right it is r600 based
adamk: There probably will not be for a few months.
ndim: bostik: two words for you: wait and hope :)
bostik: ndim, LOL
bostik: ndim, if you know quake players .... you now it will be hard to wait :D
Tronic: Can't you use software rendering in quake?
Tronic: (or do they still have a software rasterizer?)
z3ro: I think he means the newer quakes.
Tronic: Q3 was mentioned.
Tronic: But it is purely OpenGL-based?
z3ro: yeah
adamk: There is no software renderer in q3a.
Tronic: Too bad.
adamk: The Mesa software rasterizer might be able to play it, but it would be really slow, I think :-)
z3ro: I don't think q3 could run fast enough with software rendering anyway.
Tronic: I guess you should get another card then.
Tronic: Hopefully it isn't a laptop...
ndim: Reduce screen resolution. 12 by 9 pixels should be feasible in software :)
Tronic: z3ro: With proper renderer and low resolution it should run just fine.
bostik: adamk, yes mesa too slow
Tronic: Unreal engine is from the same era and runs fine on software.
bostik: adamk, unplayable
z3ro: hmm
Tronic: Mesa renderer is just extremely slow and not usable for anything.
Tronic: I wonder if some other OpenGL software implementations would be faster...
bostik: this is my work pc, at home i have an nvidia video card and run 3d accel with no problem :P
bostik: i think i will ask an nvidia card
bostik: ;)
awosy: suddenly my screen boots white :s
awosy: any ideas what may be the reason of this?
awosy: everything worked just fine for about a month and i didn't change anything
yangman: egbert: with all the recent changes to master, what's the correct way to make sure everything is idle before applying power mode changes, then bring everything up again?
yangman: egbert: RHDPrepareMode seems to do fine in idling everything, but can't seem to bring the screen back up again. I gotta say the way I had it setup wasn't entirely clean, but now it's broken entirely