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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-09

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rindolf: Hi all.
rindolf: When I run glxgears on my RadeonHD setup (ATI Technologies Inc RV630 PRO AGP [Radeon HD 2600 PRO AGP]) on KDE3, then when I mouse over the gears window, the screen turns black. It's OK, after I move the mouse out.
rindolf: Hmmm.. it doesn't happen on a new user account on IceWM.
rindolf: Or now that I try it again.
rindolf: How strange.
bioinfornatics: hi, if theyr someone, I have a little question.
bioinfornatics: I search where is the ToDo list or roadmap
bioinfornatics: I search for when approximately the free driver support 3D for R600?
bioinfornatics: kinds regard
adamk: bioinfornatics, There is no such roadmap.
adamk: bioinfornatics, The best guess is by end of the year, but that is just a guess.
bioinfornatics: ok thanks for answer
dh003i: good afternoon
dh003i: I have a question on the radeonhd drivers: are there any plans to incorporate genlock? I e-mailed the authors of GenLock for Nvidia, and they said the same method should be accessible to ATI cards as "the driver reliably triggers and interrupt for each vertical refresh"
yangman: dh003i: er, vsync?
dh003i: yangman: vsync does that?
yangman: dh003i: looking at the wikipedia article for genlock, looks like it's an analog thing. don't see how it'd be useful in a computer video card context
yangman: dh003i: in anycase, it's still syncing, and, yes, it's a highly desired feature so it will be worked on eventually
dh003i: yangman: well, this is for using the 9-megapixel VP2290B....it uses DVI-S inputs, and needs to render 4 separate areas to get 41Hz...so genlock is to prevent tearing between the "screens" within the LCd
yangman: ah
bridgman: dh003i; I think that's normally called "framelock" or something - "genlock" normally refers to locking the internal timing generators to an external video source
bridgman: Is the goal to have multiple outputs running on the same sync timing, then to have those multiple outputs all feeding one super-duper-high-res display ?