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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-15

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Zajec: egbert_: sorry for mess in bug report about disabling PANEL... I used wrong radeonhd version for first 3 logs :/
rah: the radeonhd module seems to have disappeared from the jhbuild module set again
rah: is this known?
rah: rah@myrtle:/usr/src/ati-free$ jhbuild -f modular-jhbuild build xf86-video-radeonhd
rah: jhbuild build: module "" not found
markit: I've a 2400pro, works with radeon, but I've only black screen with radeonhd 1.2.3 :(
markit: RV610 (2400 PRO)
ExtremeCoder: Hello
ExtremeCoder: guys, I have a problem with RadeonHD
ExtremeCoder: I have an X200/X1100 in my laptop
ExtremeCoder: When I try to use radeonhd, I get an (EE) No devices detected
ExtremeCoder: any ideas how to solve this?
yangman: ... folks just have no patience these days
ExtremeCoder: sorry, internet problem
yangman: ExtremeCoder: Xpress 1100 isn't a supported chipset. use xf86-video-ati instead
ExtremeCoder: oh, i see
ExtremeCoder: why is that though?
ExtremeCoder: I thought the hardware supported between both drivers is the same?
yangman: radeonhd is for r5xx and up
yangman: no. that'd be foolish ;)
ExtremeCoder: weren't people complaining that the drivers were very similar to each other?
yangman: yes, but only sort of. lets not get into that
ExtremeCoder: ok, I dont really need to change drivers though
ExtremeCoder: for 2D and video playback and kwin effects, the -ati driver rocks
ExtremeCoder: funny how fglrx couldn't reach state for the long time it has been around
yangman: fglrx no longer support that family, iirc
dthsqd: Hello
dthsqd: How would I monitor my GPU temperature with radeonhd and lm_sensors?