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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-28

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
udovdh: ndim, my gcc on fedora 10 is gcc version 4.3.2 20081105 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7) (GCC)
udovdh: it would be nice if radeonhd from git would compile with that gcc
nx: udovdh, gentoo ~amd64 here with "gcc version 4.3.2 (Gentoo 4.3.2 p1.0)" : radeonhd-1.2.3 can be compiled, installed and works
udovdh: so wgat is wrong here?
udovdh: I did do the autogen
udovdh: I have a fully up to date fedora 10
nx: I don't know what's wrong with your F10, but gcc doesn't seem to be the problem
udovdh: how could I find out?
udovdh: what parts of the system are essential for building that could cause the issue?
ndim: udovdh: see the spec file
udovdh: empty in the makefile
udovdh: when I change them there is no effect
ndim: SPEC file.
ndim: The RPM builds in F10 chroots.
ndim: So the spec file contains the appropriate definitions.
udovdh: I do not build an rpm
udovdh: I pull from git
udovdh: and do autogen
udovdh: and do make
ndim: 22:14 < ndim> udovdh, sytse: Take a look at the RPM's spec file.
ndim: 22:15 < ndim> http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/rpms/xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd/F-10/xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd.spec?revision=HEAD&view=markup
udovdh: that should work, right?
ndim: 22:16 < ndim> %{__make} %{?_smp_mflags} CPPFLAGS='-D__user="" -DDEPRECATED="__attribute__ ((deprecated))"'
udovdh: CPPFLAGS changes don't have effect in git
ndim: So... add that CPPFLAGS= stuff to your make line.
udovdh: no change
ndim: OK, I'll try and build a new snapshot on F10.
udovdh: on f10?
ndim: In an F10 chroot.
udovdh: ah, ok
ndim: aka "make mockbuild" with a CVS checkout in the F10/ dir.
udovdh: I have these devel packages:
udovdh: xorg-x11-proto-devel-7.4-4.fc10.noarch
udovdh: xorg-x11-xtrans-devel-1.2.1-2.fc10.x86_64
udovdh: xorg-x11-server-devel-1.5.3-5.fc10.x86_64
ndim: udovdh: echo $(grep ^BuildRequ xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd.spec | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort -u)
ndim: udovdh: libdrm-devel pciutils-devel pkgconfig xorg-x11-proto-devel xorg-x11-server-sdk zlib-devel
udovdh: sdk == xorg-x11-server-devel
udovdh: got all devel packages
udovdh: build of git worked while on f9
udovdh: after the update I experienced the compile error
ndim: Still updating the chroot.
udovdh: I'll also try a kernel compiel to check the build environment here
udovdh: still works. 1m35
ndim: udovdh: See build.log at http://ndim.fedorapeople.org/udovh/xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1_2_3-1_6_20081128git_fc10/
udovdh: ndim, thanks
ndim: Hmm. I guess today is a good day to build a snapshot for updates-testing.
udovdh: difference is the -D__user="" -DDEPRECATED="__attribute__ ((deprecated))"
udovdh: but adding it to cppflags in Makfile does not help here
udovdh: so... betrer fix needed
ndim: Uhm.
ndim: In the Makefile?
ndim: Add it on the make command line or the ./configure command line (which, I believe is the autogen command line)
udovdh: CPPFLAGS=?
udovdh: or CFLAGS?
ndim: The spec file works, so why don't you just use its make command line?
udovdh: http://rafb.net/p/XqZVPb13.html
udovdh: argh...
udovdh: hmmm
udovdh: typo somewhere?
udovdh: make CPPFLAGS='-D__user="" -DDEPRECATED="__attribute__ ((deprecated))"'
udovdh: does something
udovdh: hmmm
udovdh: same error...
udovdh: in the end
udovdh: missed a bit
udovdh: (again)
udovdh: now it continues
udovdh: it builds!
udovdh: thanks.
udovdh: but why is this not in the git autogen?
udovdh: are there development reasons?
yangman: udovdh: it's evidentally never been an issue before for anyone
udovdh: ah, ok
udovdh: I see.
yangman: udovdh: the offending line is in radeon_drm.h
udovdh: but now it is, or rather: could be if you're on e.g. F10
ndim: The problem is that F10 ships the in-kernel drm.h
ndim: I ran into the issue long ago and solved it for the spec file.
ndim: udovdh: Could you run "rpm -qf /usr/include/drm/drm.h"?
udovdh: sure
udovdh: kernel-headers-
udovdh: is drm.h flawed?
ndim: udovdh: Thanks.
udovdh: you're welcome
udovdh: different question
udovdh: slight radeonhd related but more like xorg related.
udovdh: after I went to F 10
udovdh: II got in xorg.0.log:
udovdh: "Reconfigure HAL" or "disable AllowEmptyInput" in xorg.log
udovdh: The allowemptyimput helps to get my keyboard back
udovdh: but anybody here got any idea about hal reconfiguration to make it work?
ndim: udovdh: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=473459 (if you want to track it)
udovdh: thanks!
udovdh: very nice bug report
merlin_: howdy, where do you go after radeonhd 1.2.3 dies with drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0 | drmOpenDevice: open result is -1, (No such device or address) | (followed by SEGV)
merlin_: (X.Org X Server 1.5.2 | ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 )
merlin_: Just to make sure, /dev/dri/card0 is supposed to be created by a kernel module, or Xorg?
ndim: merlin_: That is supposed to be created by udev/hal triggered by the kernel loading the appropriate module.
merlin_: I thought so
merlin_: but are we talking agpgart, or some other module?
ndim: more drm.ko and radeon.ko
merlin_: ah, there it is
merlin_: funny, for some reason radeon.ko wasn't getting loaded at boot
merlin_: added to /etc/modules, restarting X and things should work now, thanks ndim
merlin_: back in a bit :)
merlin_: ndim, dri initialized and X started, thanks. I now get xv (didn't before), but glxinfo still does not work
merlin_: drmOpenDevice: open result is 9, (OK)
merlin_: (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Context)
merlin_: (EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering
ndim: what kind of system?
merlin_: thinkpad Z61p
merlin_: ATI Technologies Inc M56GL [Mobility FireGL V5200]
ndim: And software-wise? Debian? OpenSuse? FreeBSE?
merlin_: debian intrepid
ndim: oh wait, DRI -> Linux
merlin_: oops :)
ndim: OK, Ubuntu.
merlin_: I mean ubuntu intrepid, sorry :)
merlin_: got the radeonhd from jaunty (1.2.3) since intrepid had an older 1.21
ndim: Oh.
ndim: Binary packages?
merlin_: yep
merlin_: RADEONHD: version 1.2.3, built from dist of git branch master, commit 57aca005
ndim: OK. I guess then something has improper deps/conflics on ubuntu.
merlin_: if you think my radeonhd is bad, I can try to get/make another one
ndim: You could try to rebuild the radeonhd .deb, or the one which creates /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so.
merlin_: libgl1-mesa-dri: /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so
ndim: Or just report a bug saying "the deps are b0rked".
ndim: (And have the devs sort it out)
merlin_: Let me get a newer one of these
Sunbow: hi anyone know how to make started a ati 4670 in a ubuntu 8.04 ?
merlin_: I'm surprised it's even used since I have an r5xx chip, but I'll do that first
ndim: merlin_: r5xx is r3xx 3d-wise
merlin_: ah, gotcha
merlin_: anyway, I'll look at fixing that, thanks
ndim: r6xx and r7xx have a completely new 3D programming model
Sunbow: hi, anyone knows how to start the pc with ubuntu 8.04, on an ati 4670 graphic card ?
ndim: which leads to Sunbow... who will not have 3D or any other kind of acceleration for that HD4670 for some time to come.
ndim: Sunbow: An unaccelerated screen should be supported by default.
Sunbow: are you sure of that? ndim
ndim: As to what specific software versions Ubuntu 8.04 ships... can't say.
Sunbow: i read that doesnt start the pc with that card
ndim: I'd hope my distro has a relatively recent -ati or -radeonhd package.
Sunbow: black screen
ndim: If it does not, -vesa should still work.
merlin_: Sunbow, you likely want to upgrade to intrepid already. Hardy is too old for bleeding edge drivers
Sunbow: [ndim] the problem isnt with 4800 series, the problem is with the 4600 series
merlin_: or use vesa like ndim suggested, or fglrx if you have no other choice
ndim: radeonhd is supposed to support "RV730 Radeon HD4670, HD4650"
ndim: (read "man radeonhd")
Sunbow: [ndim] can you put me an url to explains how to install radeonhd driver?
merlin_: Sunbow if you upgrade to intrepid, it's in there already, just apt-get install
Sunbow: [ndim] if you for example to ati web, where are the drivers, the catalyst 8.11 doesnt support 4600 series
ndim: Sunbow: merlin_ said he was running the radeonhd from jaunty on intrepid...
Sunbow: sorry, phone call
ndim: ...and the 3D-on-R5xx issue he has will not affect you with the R7xx
merlin_: Sunbow, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ATI_Mobility_FireGL_V5200 also has a radeonhd 1.2.3 built for intrepid
merlin_: http://www.acmeps.com/kernel/debs/xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd_1.2.3-1~pre1_i386.deb
merlin_: I just installed that and will try it now
ndim: Or take a look at http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonhd to install git HEAD.
Sunbow: merlin do you have the ati 4670 card?
merlin_: no
merlin_: not even close :) (mobility V5200)
merlin_: thankfully old enough that it's starting to work
merlin_: right, so the other radeonhd isn't compatible with libgl1-mesa-dri 7.2-1ubuntu2 in intrepid, and jaunty doesn't have a newer one
merlin_: I'll look some more or try to build one
ndim: reboots to give today's git snapshots a go.
Sunbow: the problem is that i dont know what is "Vesa", either "jaunty", either "fglrx". So anyone come tell me which of then is the best with the latest hdradeon graphic cards?
Sunbow: can*
Sunbow: them*
merlin_: well, making this stuff work is a bit hard (or can be). You need to understand what basic terms like these mean :)
merlin_: vesa: video through the bios (if the graphics card isn't supported): 2d and slow
merlin_: jaunty: the next ubuntu release (intrepid is the current one)
Sunbow: all the ways if ubuntu 8.10 recognize the 4670 as you have said merlin_, i m going to be satisfyed
merlin_: fglrx binary driver from ati/amd, sometimes works when the open source one doesn't
merlin_: you stand a much better chance, yes
Sunbow: [merlin_] can you put me an url where fglrx drivers are?
merlin_: http://www.letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=fglrx+drivers :)
Sunbow: hahahaa
Sunbow: thanks very much merlin_
Sunbow: and ndim
ndim: udovdh: New updated packages are on their way to updates-testing: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
Zajec: what does mean "panning" in case of randr?
libv: the old virtual stuff
libv: which was kind of horribly lost when randr 1.2 was introduced
Zajec: is this related to Option "virtual" in xorg.conf?
Zajec: or sth else?
yangman: Zajec: there was a feature in the older X server where you could have a larger screen than the monitor
yangman: Zajec: the area actually being displayed would pan around with the mouse cursor
libv: Zajec: this was indeed the original usage of the virtual line
libv: Zajec: which later got altered to mean virtual as in "have the framebuffer this big, regardless of whether we use it or not"
Zajec: ok... So even with these new patches I can not modify Option "virtual" while X running? I mean Option "virtual" with current meaning, for example to support one big desktop --right-of second big desktop
Zajec: is sth like this on TODO list of X server? dynamicly changing Option "virtual"
Zajec: so I don't have to predict displays layout before starting X :)
dmb: libv, does the original virtual still work on the xserver itself without xrandr?
libv: dmb: if you run our driver with NoRandR, yes
libv: emmes his code is rather cool though, he has introduced a border so you can start moving around before you reach the real edge of the screen
libv: this will not be too useful for all but at most 50-100 pixels, but for smaller borders this is nice to have
merlin_: ndim, just as a followup, I got dri to init and work. Problem was leftover fglrx package that took over libGL.so
merlin_: radeonhd can start 3d but locks up the machine as soon as I stop glxgears
merlin_: radeon works, but is slow at some ops (1613fps glxgears, 14fps lavalite, and google earth takes 5mn to zoom on a spot)
jason_: Does anyone have a x1650 working perfectly?
libv: hrm... gitweb redirects to cgit...
libv: now our git update script gives out completely bogus info
libv: i just fixed the script for unichrome, i'll see whether i can do the radeonhd one on monday