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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-29

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udovdh: ndim, feedback given
ndim: udovdh: thanks!
parapente: byyeeeeezzzzz
dli_: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13983 , after suspend to ram, you are left with only one VT?
yangman: dli_: that's not what the bug is
dli_: yangman, but the bug is there
yangman: dli_: what are you looking for, exactly?
dli_: yangman, how to fix this?
yangman: are you having the same issue?
dli_: yangman, yes, the bug never fixed
yangman: have you tried it after switching to a VT manually?
dli_: yangman, that's still not a fix:(
yangman: dli_: but have you tried it? does it work?
dli_: yangman, you get the VT correct there, just a way to live with the bug
yangman: dli_: so use a userspace tool that handles the VT for you. that's why they exist
yangman: dli_: as it's explain, there is no bug to fix because there aren't X hooks available to detect "going into suspend"
yangman: dli_: you're asking for a fix to something that has been impossible for years
yangman: dli_: fglrx has its own kernel component. it's not in the same ballpark
dli_: yangman, ok, so no bug still
Sylvia7: Is it possible to get dual display with fglrx ?
yangman: Sylvia7: afaik, yes. but, better asked in #ati
DanaG: hmm, is RV635 expected to get DRI at all soon? By "at all soon", I mean, within 3 months, rather than, say, 6 months.
SR_: umm, ISTR someone saying that R6xx stuff is waiting on some more IP from AMD
DanaG: ah.
ndim: Two things need to happen: a) A DRI driver must be written (in progress) b) there must be the appropriate IP release from AMD
ndim: (also being worked on)
DanaG: I've currently tried both radeon and radeonhd, and currently /dev/dri is empty... as is to be expected.
ndim: I would not bet the farm on "within 3 months", but I'd expect it.
ndim: Of course, I can say stuff like that, not being actually involved in development and running a R5xx chip :)
DanaG: I'm currently stuck unable to use fglrx (because it freezes) on an RV635 (Mobility FireGL V5700).
Frogballs: anyone here
Frogballs: i need help
Frogballs: hello
adamk: Frogballs, Generally, on IRC, you just ask your question and wait for a response.
Frogballs: can't get my radeon 2400hd to show QE and CI
Frogballs: under CI it says software and under QE it says not supported
adamk: QE and CI?
adamk: Are you referring to Quartz Extreme?
Frogballs: Quartz Extreme
Frogballs: yes
adamk: Because this channel is for the open soruce radeonhd drivers under Xorg.
adamk: So you're looking in the wrong place for support :-)
Frogballs: damn