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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-12-03

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
Obscene_CNN: with kernel 2.6.32 is it okay to compile the radeon frame buffer support into the kernel or does it have to be a module?
Obscene_CNN: never mind Module is the only thing supported
adamk: Obscene_CNN, radeon frame buffer? Last I heard, the radeonfb code doesn't support any of the cards supported by the radeonhd Xorg driver.
adamk: Obscene_CNN, If you want a framebuffer driver, you should use KMS.
Obscene_CNN: okay
Obscene_CNN: okay, what do I enable in the kernel to get KMS for the radeon?
adamk: And, just so you know, radeonhd does not work with KMS.
Obscene_CNN: oh okay
adamk: Just the radeon DRM. There's an option in the staging section to enable kernel modesetting by default
adamk: You can set that if you want. If you don't set that, you need to enable KMS with the kernel option 'radeon.modeset=1'
Obscene_CNN: I like things to boot up in text mode and then give the startx command so do I have to do anything special for that?
adamk: You will need KMS enabled in the kernel, as I described. You will need to use the 'radeon' Xorg driver. I would suggest taking a look at the wiki in the topic on #radeon.
adamk: You need libdrm and xf86-video-ati compiled with KMS support.
Obscene_CNN: okay thanks
Travis1: having so many ati radeon hd problems...
Travis1: anyone out there that could help?
break19: just ask the question already
Travis1: oh sorry
Travis1: yeah so I followed the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonHD and ended up with a blank screen...
Travis1: I have ati radeon hd 3650
chithead: lots of wiki articles on radeon/radeonhd drivers are horribly outdated
yangman: Travis1: anything out of the ordinary in the log?
Travis1: umm well http://pastebin.com/m67db43f8 that is my current xorg.conf file...
yangman: logs are much more useful
yangman: /var/log/Xorg.0.log
ndim: Hmm. Now I have code which finds out whether KMS is enabled. But regardless of whether RHDPciProbe() returns TRUE or FALSE, the Xorg server will already have called something (in radeonhd!) which breaks the screen.
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m195589db there's the xorg.0.log
airlied: ndim: wierd it should't call anything before probe
yangman: Travis1: the log is showing vesa driver being used, not radeonhd
ndim: airlied: That's what I thought.
ndim: Well, that it was weird.
ndim: What it should or should not do, I am still in the process of finding out. :)
airlied: ndim: are you just stating the file in /sys or using libdrm?
Travis1: right. So what do I need to do to change that?
airlied: ndim: I was worried aobut getting the radeonhd must build with every server since time began logic right
ndim: airlied: I have copied the radeon_kernel_mode_enabled() function from radeon, and call that from RHDPciProbe().
yangman: Travis1: in your ServerLayout, Screen is set to "aitconfig-Screen[0]" set it to "Default Screen" instead
ndim: airlied: I wanted to just return FALSE if kms was enabled, and hope that the Xorg server had not called anything which breaks the screen before that FALSE happens
airlied: ndim: the issue is whether radeonhd is linked with a new libdrm etc,
airlied: but I suppose if you have kms you might have a new libdrm anways
ndim: Whatever up-to-date-F11 contains.
Travis1: right so:
Travis1: Section "ServerLayout"
Travis1: Identifier "aticonfig Layout"
Travis1: Screen 0 "aticonfig-Screen[0]-0" 0 0
Travis1: EndSection
ndim: airlied: Well, if the patch is to be only for Fedora, I don't care about any server but what Fedora ships. That is the main focus.
airlied: ndim: true
Travis1: I need to change that part of my xorg.conf file?
yangman: Travis1: yes
ndim: I guess just to make sure, I'll try another reboot with "2" on the kernel command line, and then run "Xorg -logverbose 7 :4" from a root shell on a KMS console. That should at least leave a useful logfile, and perhaps it works better this time...
ndim: Eh.
ndim: I have an idea. I should probably not fill in pScrn->* at all.
Travis1: Screen "Default Screen"
ndim: That would have been a stupid error of mine :/
Travis1: I don't need all the zero's do I?
Travis1: sorry I'm quite the rookie
yangman: Travis1: not strictly, no
ndim: airlied: OK, that was it indeed. If I leave pScrn->* the default (probably NULL) values and return FALSE from RHDPciProbe(), then the Xorg server aborts cleanly without touching GPU state.
ndim: Next up: rebase -i, format-patch, build new RPM packages.
ndim: airlied: The copyright of the radeon_kernel_mode_enabled() function lies with you personally? I need to add a proper notice at the beginning of rhd_driver.c if I copy that function over.
airlied: ndim: yeah it was all me, though I'm not suer its big enough to copyright
ndim: Better safe than sorry.
Travis1: just tried a bunch of changes to my xorg.conf file that people suggested but still no luck loading my drivers on startup...
Travis1: I have a pastebin url if anyone would care to take a look and offer some help?
yangman: Travis1: just give the url. don't ask to ask
yangman: Travis1: if someone is able and willing, they will jump in :)
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m329a443
Travis1: sure thanks
Travis1: new to all this
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m3a478949
Travis1: ok I think I'm getting close to sorting this graphics card out..
break19: I'd be careful with that, the transistors and resistors are pretty well set to where they need to be.. you go sorting them, you might damage your card.
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m21a34b47
Travis1: if someone can take a look and help me to finally get this card working, that'd be amazing
airlied: Travis1: tried -ati onit?
Travis1: that's all?
Travis1: just type "-ati onit" into a terminal?
airlied: Travis1: no I meant have you tried just using the ati driver
airlied: also know as raedon
airlied: it should come with your distro
airlied: remove xorg.conf and it should just work these days
Travis1: the last time I removed the xorg.conf file, I ended up with a black screen and the comp wouldn't load...
airlied: wierd got a log file from that?
Travis1: umm I have a current log file..
airlied: thats from radeonhd, I don't think the distro uses that by default
Travis1: I've installed the 'System - Amin - Harware Drivers' stuff and ended up still in safe graphics mode.
Travis1: gone through the guide on the Ubuntu community page and ended up still in safe graphics mods
Travis1: I've been working with someone to edit my xorg.conf file to resolve any errors... safe graphics
Travis1: I have installed the driver fine, it's there.
Travis1: apparently
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m3a478949
Travis1: that's the previous log I had until I updated the xorg.conf file
airlied: no I'd need to see the log from it crashing with no xorg.conf do tell whats happening
Travis1: oh right. Well I could try it again without the xorg.conf if you want..
Travis1: ok I've renamed my xorg.conf to xorg.conf_bk1 so I can restore it if I get a blank screen again without xorg.conf file. Will you still be here in a few mins?
airlied: yup
Travis1: no luck
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m3426e95
airlied: that log has a config file
Travis1: well I started twice without it
Travis1: then I obviously had to restore it
Travis1: do you want me to put the Xorg.1.log file instead?
airlied: /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old might have it
Travis1: ok sure
Travis1: http://pastebin.com/m3cc21ae6
Travis1: that's the .log.old
airlied: can you try booting without the VGA monitor attached and no xorg.conf maybe
airlied: oh how much VRAM has this card?
airlied: I swear that log says 4GB
airlied: looks like 1GB
Travis1: it's sposed to be a 518Mb graphics card
Travis1: my total RAM for the entire computer is 4GB
Travis1: so you mean without the external monitor attached? Just boot from the laptop screen?
airlied: nah it should be okay now that I read this log
airlied: I think you are going to need to build from src for me to fix ti
Travis1: ahhh... annoying.
Travis1: I'm a massive rookie, is that gonna be hard..?
airlied: first of all join #radeon
airlied: as it is where we fix these things