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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-01

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agd5f: T`: see bug 21963
T`: agd5f, ok..
T`: agd5f, hmm.. but the screen works fine for 95% of the cases
T`: i only see vertical lines when i move windows around
T`: dont have problem using terminal, etc. like that bug describes
agd5f: T`: same issue
T`: ok cool
T`: i will follow up on the progress in the bug
zerwas: Hi
zerwas: i have issues with radeonhd+rotation: i get strange artifacts with a rotated screen http://tinypic.com/r/2uqnpc3/5
zerwas: Using Ubuntu 9.04 and latest git with ATI Radeon HD 3200, EXA enabled.
zerwas: the artifacts are always on the left side of things when i rotate the screen to the left. when i rotate to the right, they appear on top of windows etc.
yangman: zerwas: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21963
zerwas: yangman> oh right, that's it, i should have seen that
zerwas: thank you very much
zerwas: is there a way to "subscribe" to a bug? (i am used to this from other bug reporting systems)
yangman: zerwas: "Add to CC"
zerwas: thanks again :)
yangman: np
wirry: hi there...i have a problem with the radeonhd-driver on gentoo: xorg-log says, that r300_dri.so is missing in /usr/lib64/dri/
wirry: google says, that these file should be installed by mesa
wirry: ohh, and im using 2.6.30-rc7 so drm shouldnt be a problem
wirry: and also this laptop worked fine with radeonhd with debian
chithead: set VIDEO_CARDS="radeon radeonhd" in make.conf and reinstall mesa
wirry: just found that in the logfiles on radeonhd.org :D
wirry: recompiling...
wirry: hmm ok, the xorg-log looks fine now, but glxgears locks up after a few seconds...
wirry: i can still move the mouse around but cant interact with the interface
jolanka: hi
jolanka: im using 9.04 and have a thinkpad z61p with a mobility firegl v5200 (Chipset: ATI M56 - Similar to Radeon X1600). im having problems installing the right video driver since i found out that new fglrx drivers no longer support my card, and also new xorg-servers dont support older fglrx drivers
wirry: so you want to switch to radeonhd?
jolanka: yes
jolanka: but dunno how
wirry: http://www.x.org/wiki/radeonhd:DRI
airlied: jolanka: doesn't the default driver installed work??
wirry: umm..i still have lockups when using 3d :/
jolanka: airlied it does
jolanka: but with bugs
airlied: so the issue is those bugs may not have been fixed.
airlied: are they 2D or 3D bugs?
jolanka: i dont know how to explain
jolanka: seems that when desktop effects are on
jolanka: pazma crashes more frequently
jolanka: and sometimes kde hangs
jolanka: also sometimes kde hangs with weird video errors i mean scrambled picture
jolanka: lines and dots
jolanka: im just trying to find the right driver for this card
airlied: you have the current driver, just sounds like it has bugs
airlied: try not suing desktop effects for a start
jolanka: airlied can you tell me what command line commands should i look at and what files in etc to find out what video driver is in use ?
jolanka: i ony know glxinfo
jolanka: and xorg.conf doest give me any info
airlied: /var/log/Xorg.0.log should have it
jolanka: k
jolanka: does it also tell which xorg-server-* is in use ?
jolanka: radeon or ati or whatever ?
jolanka: where is that configured
jolanka: in xwrapper or sthing similar ?
airlied: its done automatically now
Kaapa: hey everyone. Can I use OO with radeonhd?
Kaapa: (I'm asking cause I get a nasty error while trying to excecute it
adamk_: I have used openoffice with radeonhd, so I'm doubtful that the error is directly related.
chithead: Kaapa: probably you have remnants of the proprietary graphics driver on your system
Kaapa: maybe, I've reinstalled mesa but maybe there are others
Kaapa: is there a list of the stuff flgrx changes?
gbee: There were some xvideo performance improvements discussed recently on the mailing list, has any of that made it into master? 1080i is currently unplayable here on hardware which had no problems with fglrx
marvin24: Kaapa: is the fglrx module loaded, what is the output of glxinfo and what error do you get from OO?
Kaapa: marvin24: the fglrx module is not loaded (it doesnt even compile in .29)
Kaapa: and here's the error trace:
Kaapa: bah, had to reboot
Kaapa: anyway, had to revert to an older kernel and ati drivers... no OOo and no hibernation makes radeonhd unusabe :S
Kaapa: crap
yangman: gbee: no. it makes the code unmaintainable
gbee: so there is an alternative or cleaned up version being worked on?
rainbyte: hi
yangman: I'm not aware of one
gbee: yangman: ok thanks, guess I'll bank on someone with the appropriate skills and time being driven to work on it, (or I'll have to find both myself)
kevin06: salut
Obscene_CNN: tormod, I'm not going to be able to create an Ubuntu radeonhd driver package as I don't have access to an ubuntu box (or time to set one up). Things just got busy at work. If you want to make a package with my performance patch the latest can be found here http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=271923.
gbee: hmm, is this the patch that yangman was referring to earlier, I was referring to http://lists.opensuse.org/radeonhd/2009-03/msg00098.html
yangman: gbee: that's not what I had in mind, actually