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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-02

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
root: Hello
Shazboots: i have a x1650 ati vid card, how would i go about installing thes drivers on Mandriva 2009.1?
udovdh: q: latest radeonhd for fedora 10 rpm?
udovdh: (not for me, I use git)
Neo_The_User: Hello all. I hang out in the other channels a lot but I'm new to this one, particularly. I'm getting an R7XX graphics card and on http://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature it says kernel modesetting is a work in progress and I was wondering what the status was on that
MostAwesomeDude: It's a work in progress. It'll be done when it's done.
Neo_The_User: so if I asked about textures, same answer?
MostAwesomeDude: Different part of the stack, but same answer.
agd5f: Neo_The_User: EXA and Xv accel use textures, but the 3d driver is still a work in progress
Neo_The_User: and xf86-video-ati is the latest most bleeding edge driver for the r7xx hd cards?
Neo_The_User: agd5f: you think you could put the HD4770 commit in radeonhd?
agd5f: Neo_The_User: radeonhd already has the ids. emmes added them a while ago
Neo_The_User: thanks for the info. it was an honor talking to you and i hope to hear from you again. Now... i need to file this kernel compiling error to redhat's bugzilla because ATA support won't compile. gotta go.
Neo_The_User: Hi again everybody. Is there DRI2 support for HD R7XX cards yet?
yangman: no
Neo_The_User: Are the graphics faster on an HD R7XX card than an r300 (9800 PRO) at this point?
yangman: for what metrics?
Neo_The_User: like if you were to compare glxgears and openarena on an HD 4770 to a 9800 PRO, which one would preform better?
Neo_The_User: more FPS
yangman: glxgears is not a benchmark
Neo_The_User: i know
yangman: in any case, 3D for r7xx isn't quite at a usable state yet
Neo_The_User: :(
Neo_The_User: maybe I shouldn't upgrade my PC
Neo_The_User: brb kernel thing
Neo_The_User: yangman: what graphics card do you have?
yangman: 4850
Neo_The_User: what driver do you use with that? i just want to use everything that someone who knows what they are doing uses
yangman: radeonhd. but I haven't touched any of the new 3D stuff
Neo_The_User: 3D stuff meaning EXA yes?
yangman: I'm also running a patch work of various older packages, stuff from HEAD of some projects, with patches of my own here or there
yangman: EXA is 2D
Neo_The_User: so what would I need to do to get the new 3d code?
yangman: http://www.botchco.com/agd5f/?p=43
yangman: I don't recommend it unless you intend to hack
Neo_The_User: thanks a million!
yangman: that's my advise as Someone That Knows What They're Doing ;)
Zajec2: yangman: do you know sth about current state of 3D?
Zajec2: yangman: how near we are to see glxgears?
yangman: Zajec2: no. I'm not really following it. waiting for KMS to settle down a bit so I can move over to that
yangman: maybe port radeonhd to KMS
Zajec2: would be nice
Zajec2: k, will try to catch bridgman
Zajec2: is there any repo with KMS work?
yangman: you need stuf from branches from a few different places
Zajec2: i mean kernel path
Zajec2: ah, glisse was writing about this I think
Zajec2: .. yeah, will just check his blog
yangman: iirc, airlied's rawhide, libdrm from master, and glisse's drm-next branch for -ati
Neo_The_User: yangman: you cant mix those togethor IIRC
yangman: yeah, I've no idea. hence I'm waiting
Neo_The_User: i think its glisse's drm-next-radeon kernel, glisse's cs3 ddx (not new ttm), and libdrm master patched with this: http://neo-technical.wikispaces.com/file/view/patch.patch
yangman: most of the things I actually want to work on at this point involve having KMS
Neo_The_User: can anybody here even tell what that patch does by looking at it?
Neo_The_User: all i know is that it works on archlinux
yangman: it adds libdrm_radeon
yangman: isn't that just a combination of several commits so it applies cleanly against something?
Neo_The_User: ohhh
Neo_The_User: i dunno zhasha wrote it
jmho_: hi, I'm seeing font breakage on debian sid, ubuntu karmic anf fedora 11 preview with radeon/radeonhd from distribution packages, is this a know issue? it occurs on 2560x1600, haven't tried lower resolutions. on another machine (1600x1200) radeonhd/git works correctly
jmho_: that is only with normal font size, if I increase font size about 50 %, fonts are readable, otherwise totally unreadable
yangman: is it corruption?
jmho_: hm, they are just unreadable, what exactly qualifies as corruption?
jmho_: perhaps I should make a screenshot
yangman: please do
jmho_: but unfortunately I'm now away from the machine
jmho_: ok, so in 2 days