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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-05

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
myalltimelow: radeon
myalltimelow: man i hate that brand
myalltimelow: nvidia!!!!!!!!!!
MostAwesomeDude: Oh, I see you found #radeonhd.
myalltimelow: YES
myalltimelow: i think
myalltimelow: i dont know
myalltimelow: i like nvidia though
MostAwesomeDude: 'k.
myalltimelow: NOT GOOD ENOUGH..
MostAwesomeDude: XD @ bad trolling
rah: lol
arkascha: Newbie question: I am not happy with the performance of X, using readonehd driver.
arkascha: glxgears give "OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 20060815 TCL"
arkascha: that is correct, or does it mean I am using software rendering ??
MazurMe: Hello guys, can ask something?
MazurMe: I got Gateway FPD2185W TFT LCD Monitor and I am using xf86-video-radeonhd 1.2.5 driver from archlinux's repo. While using catalyst my monitor was switching off after 5 minutes if it was not used, how to do it with radeonhd? I mean power managment or something like that.
JarenJP: I'd like to get and build radeon-rewrite.
JarenJP: Should I just follow the instructions on the wiki for expirimental 3d support for 6xx/7xx and just change the git command to get radeon-rewrite instead of r6xx/r7xx-support?
yangman: JarenJP: radeon-rewrite is for drm and mesa
yangman: JarenJP: but for checking it out, yes
JarenJP: yangman: thanks
Obscene_CNN: Beer time!!
Obscene_CNN: I'm out of here!
bryant: would this be a bad place to ask about troubleshooting my HD4350 in ubuntu