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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-06

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JarenJP: Hello everyone.
JarenJP: Anyone know the autogen command to get radeon-rewrite to autogen?
JarenJP: The wiki suggests:
JarenJP: ./autogen.sh --with-dri-drivers=swrast,radeon,r600 --libdir=$(pkg-config --variable=libdir dri) --includedir=$(pkg-config --variable=includedir dri) --enable-debug
JarenJP: But that gives me:
JarenJP: configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --includedir:
JarenJP: I assume that means I'm missing a package I should have installed?
JarenJP: I replaced the pkg-config calls with paths that I assume are correct and it looks like its building.
JarenJP: I set libdir to /usr/lib and includedir to /usr/include
elena09: dark screen and frozen laptop
elena09: ati mobility radeon hd 3450
elena09: details at http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1052075/Ubuntu%209.doc
elena09: help pleae
pazof: locate antiword
pazof: oups :)
elena09: does radeonhd have 3d?
chithead: 3d only up to r500, not for the 3450 (which is r600)
elena09: and what is good for ati mobility radeon hd 3450???
chithead: if you want 3d, you have to use the proprietary fglrx driver still
elena09: that fglrx driver is working with Ubuntu 9.04?
chithead: this channel is for radeonhd only. for help on fglrx, visit #ati
elena09: ok
elena09: bye
g3d: hi, I'm experiencing graphics corruptions with both 1.2.5 and latest git: parts of windows - widgets, toolbars etc. in KDE4 as far as I can tell do not get updated until I pass over them with the cursor. I'm on Radeon 4870. Is this a known problem?
bridgman: do you have compositing enabled ?
g3d: bridgman: my xorg.conf does not contain any mentions of Composite, so I guess not
bridgman: sorry, it would be a KDE option; forget if it's called desktop effects or compositing
bridgman: you can have "off", "opengl", or "xrender" AFAIK
bridgman: since we only have 2d and xv right now your options would be off and xrender
g3d: bridgman: looking at my "system settings", desktop effects are disabled and I can't really edit other options (including xrender)
bridgman: ok, desktop effects disabled, that's good enough
g3d: bridgman: would it be possible to diagnose this somehow?
bridgman: yeah, there are some options you can disable in xorg conf which will help; mostly related to blitting between system and video memory
bridgman: the options are a bit different between radeonhd and radeon IIRC; not sure if the rhd options are doc'ed
g3d: bridgman: ah, I have RandRRotation on, could that be a problem?
bridgman: rotation just adds another chance for things to go wrong; is it possible to try without rotation as a first step ?
g3d: bridgman: yes, just a minute please, I'll have to quit irc as wel
g3d: bridgman: quite surprisingly, it seems to have worked
g3d: bridgman: although I can't be too sure because I don't have a clear path to reproduce this
yangman: g3d: rotation is known to cause corruption for some people
g3d: yangman: yeah, seems it was the case for me too.
yangman: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21963
g3d: oh... it just happened again
g3d: for a moment...
yangman: try selectively turning off EXA features
g3d: not as much as previously though
g3d: yangman: I'll try to observe the behavior without randrrotation for today and try to do that when I have some more spare time.
g3d: thank you very much bridgman and yangman
Kuukkeli: Hello.
Kuukkeli: any news about r700?
chithead: Kuukkeli: visit http://wiki.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature to see the current status
Kuukkeli: chithead, thanks! =D
Kuukkeli: I'm sill waiting till its released so i can ditch this windows XP blargh.
Kuukkeli: dang, openGL is still under the board :(
Kuukkeli: by the way, whats the differnece between r700 RHD and normal r700?
chithead: it is explained at the top of the page
Kuukkeli: so im in deep piss by having this ATI radeon HD 3440 =D
Kuukkeli: Kinda sad. :(
Kuukkeli: Althought if there is someone who has made Steam working properly with the normal dxlevel 81, i would like to know
Kuukkeli: with r700 HD
chithead: for r700 3d you need the proprietary fglrx driver still
Kuukkeli: only thing at this moment keeping me from ubuntu
Kuukkeli: chithead, for now or allways? =)
chithead: Kuukkeli: as you can see in the wiki page, it is in development. if everything works out well, maybe in ubuntu 9.10
Kuukkeli: oh, okay, cool =)
Kuukkeli: So thats about 6-12 months i think or much less
Kuukkeli: good thing i have some patience
Kuukkeli: key to good patience is usually that you think about other things
chithead: or do it like many do, use linux for work and boot into GameLoaderOS™
chithead: for playing games
Kuukkeli: GameLoaderOS ?
chithead: windows
bridgman: it's kinda like Wine
Kuukkeli: Haha
Kuukkeli: Thanks for being dickhead there bridgman, it actually made me laugh a bit =D
bridgman: hey, it's Saturday
dmb: no its not, your dreaming
bridgman: aw crap, am I late for work again ?
Kuukkeli: Hmmmmh, i feel the urge to make sandviches and get beer.