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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-22

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rindolf: Hi all.
MrWax: hi, i recently switched to a new videocard (ATI Radeon HD 4650) and since then gnome won't be displayed anymore, at soon as debian is starting gnome the monitor gets no signal anymore from the videocard, any suggestions what i should do?
MrWax: Anyone?
oliver3: MrWax, the frequencies for your monitor might be detected incorrectly
MrWax: oliver3: any idea how to check if that's the issue?
oliver3: I think GNOME does its own display reconfiguration on start (so individual users can use their own screen resolution settings etc), so it might be that
oliver3: MrWax, does your monitor display any errors, like "display frequency out of range", ?
MrWax: oliver3: no, just no signal from the video card anymore as soon as gnome starts
adamk: MrWax, And have you checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any errors?
oliver3: MrWax, hrm, does your card have two DVI ports?
MrWax: oliver3: no
MrWax: adamk: yes
MrWax: adamk: where should i look for? cat Xorg.0.log | grep error gives only 1 result also
adamk: Use a service like http://pastebin.com/ to upload the full thing.
oliver3: MrWax, post Xorg.0.log to pastebin.ca
oliver3: or .com
adamk: Also, have you tried the radeon driver?
MrWax: adamk: where can i find that one?
oliver3: MrWax, you might want to also paste your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to pastebin too
adamk: MrWax, It comes with nearly every distribution
oliver3: MrWax, the driver will be specified in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, for the Radeon HD cards it should be radeonhd, no idea how well radeon would work
adamk: They both work equally well.
adamk: Last I heard, the only thing radeonhd supported, that radeon doesn't, is HDMI audio.
oliver3: Personally I'm using the proprietary driver currently, but only until I can contribute to radeonhd
oliver3: I asked for resources to get me started last night, but shortly afterwards my net connection went down
oliver3: aha, mailing list
oliver3: does anyone know where to find the ATI documentation of the RadeonHD chipsets?
adamk: Announcements of documentation releases were made on the Xorg mailing list. You can check the archives if no one here has the links handy.
oliver3: MrWax, any luck?
oliver3: adamk, okay thanks
oliver3: http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/ <- are these all that's available?
oliver3: oh, there is one document relating to R7xx
MrWax: oliver3: will paste bin
MrWax: sec
oliver3: k
MrWax: oliver3: http://pastebin.com/m4e887f5
MrWax: oliver3: http://pastebin.com/m613d77a2
oliver3: MrWax, http://pastebin.com/m35d8ab75 <- try this
oliver3: hrm
navis: hello pople
navis: people
navis: I just got a new shiny laptop, with an RV620 graphic card
navis: I couldn't care less aout 3D possibilities
navis: except compositing (for compiz)
adamk: navis, Unfortunately, that requires 3D.
oliver3: MrWax, do you have a CRT or flat panel monitor?
navis: adamk: urgh
adamk: MrWax, Xorg is defaulting to the vesa driver since you aren't specifying one.
oliver3: adamk, yeah, I modified his config and posted him the change
navis: adamk: is the 6xx-7xx branvch what I'm searching for ?
adamk: MrWax, Which suggests that you either do not have the radeonhd driver installed, or it doesn't support your GPU.
adamk: navis, Not if you want compiz. For that, you will have to use fglrx.
oliver3: oh, it would automatically load radeonhd?
adamk: oliver3, If it was new enough, yes.
navis: adamk: thanks, I was kind of lost ina l the abbrevs (EXA, XAA, Xv, DRM,...) and what is really needed
navis: adamk: is 3D support currently worked on in radeonHD ?
adamk: navis, The only 3D acceleration for your GPU, with the open source drivers, is *very* basic and under development.
ech0s7: are done the powermanagment for rx620 ??
oliver3: MrWax, you're on Debian right? You'll need to install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd (apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd as root)
MrWax: adamk: GPU?
MrWax: oliver3: yes have it installed
adamk: MrWax, Graphics processing unit.
MrWax: oliver3: have added Driver "radeonhd" to the device part of xorg.conf
oliver3: MrWax, success?
navis: adamk: when you say *very* basic, enough for compiz (when it's ready) ?
MrWax: and then get this part in Xorg.0.log
MrWax: oliver3: will pastebin in 1m in
oliver3: ok
adamk: navis, Yeah, when it ready. It's not even close to ready yet. As I said, if you want compiz, you need to use fglrx.
MrWax: oliver3: http://pastebin.com/mf8cd184
oliver3: also beware adamk, fglrx seems very unstable at the moment, I've disabled compiz because of random crashes
oliver3: that's on openSUSE anyway
oliver3: hrm
adamk: I've used it recently on Ubuntu 9.04 here, without problems. In either case, it's the only way for navis to use compiz.
oliver3: no screens found...
navis: adamk: ok I'll use fglrx for now
navis: adamk: would it help to have test reports with radeonhd for my chip ?
MrWax: oliver3: any idea?
adamk: navis, 2D is pretty good to go. I'm not sure test reports would help much there. Test reports of the 3D drivers *might* help, but getting it working is not for the faint of heart. It really is geared for developers at the moment.
adamk: MrWax, That version of radeonhd is over a year old.
adamk: MrWax, And your video card is much newer than that.
oliver3: MrWax, http://pastebin.com/m36ecefde
oliver3: try this
oliver3: MrWax, if that fails, pastebin the output of lspci
adamk: It's not gonna work.
oliver3: oh
oliver3: wait
oliver3: yeah adamk is right
oliver3: MrWax, are you using stable, testing or unstable?
adamk: MrWax, You will need a much newer version of the radeonhd driver.
oliver3: if it's stable, and it's not a mission critical machine (i.e. it's not doing anything majorly important like serving up a website) then you might consider upgrading to testing or unstable
adamk: MrWax, Of course, your other option is to use fglrx, if you are want to give that a try.
oliver3: brb going outside for a smoke
MrWax: oliver3: stable
MrWax: adamk: what do you suggest?
MrWax: adamk: how do you know if I need a newer version of the radeonhd driver? did it change so drastic last 2 months?
adamk: I'm not very familiar with Debian, so I'm not sure how comfortable I am giving suggestions.
MrWax: or last 4-5 weeks
adamk: MrWax, Probably not, but the driver you have installed is over a year old.
adamk: It has certainly changed drastically in that time.
MrWax: adamk: ok weird, i wonder how come it's there, since i picked a new netinst of debian lenny a few weeks back
adamk: MrWax, Debian stable is always very old.
adamk: That's why it's considered stable :-)
MrWax: ah yep: )
MrWax: adamk: ok, but i think i stick with a newer version of the radeonhd drivers, any clue how i can get it?
adamk: You could download and compile them, but I'm not sure I'd recommend that unless it's something you are already familiar with.
adamk: As oliver3 said, you could try updating to testing or unstable. But, again, I'm not particularly comfortable giving suggestions when it comes to debian.
MrWax: but that error that I give has 100% something to do with the radeon driver being old /
adamk: The radeonhd driver.
oliver3: back
oliver3: MrWax, you could always install Ubuntu, it's basically Debian but with newer packages
MrWax: not an option for me for now
MrWax: so, the ATI Radeon HD 4650 card is not really supported for debian for now
adamk: Not in stable.
oliver3: MrWax, in that case the best thing you could do is either upgrade to testing or unstable, or alternatively, uninstall the radeonhd driver with apt, then manually install the latest tarball release of the radeonhd driver
MrWax: I'll guess i have to go for the last option then
MrWax: how can I fastest upgrade the driver?
MrWax: the last option? uninstalling the driver package?
oliver3: MrWax, yes
MrWax: is the only package I would have to deinstall called Package: xserver-xorg-video-radeon ?
oliver3: no
oliver3: xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd
oliver3: not radeon
MrWax: Version: 1.2.1-2
MrWax: this is the version I have installed now
MrWax: so i should deinstall that version and install a newer version from where?
oliver3: MrWax, ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/individual/driver/xf86-video-radeonhd-1.2.5.tar.gz
oliver3: that's the newest version
oliver3: do you know how to install from source? If not I'll be happy to assist
MrWax: sure, assist :)
MrWax: never did i think
oliver3: firstly, you need to login as root, and cd to /usr/src
oliver3: once you're logged in just type "cd /usr/src"
oliver3: and hit return
oliver3: let me know when you've done that
MrWax: done
oliver3: okay
oliver3: now run: tar xvzf xf86-video-radeonhd-1.2.5.tar.gz
oliver3: then: cd xf86-video-radeonhd-1.2.5
oliver3: after that run: ./configure --prefix=/usr
oliver3: the . is important
MrWax: i should first download the file xf86-video-radeonhd-1.2.5.tar.gz right?
oliver3: yeah, sorry, my bad
oliver3: if you're in /usr/src you can get it with: wget ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/individual/driver/xf86-video-radeonhd-1.2.5.tar.gz
oliver3: that will download it to /usr/src for you
oliver3: let me know if there are any errors from the ./configure --prefix=/usr command once it's complete
MrWax: yes
oliver3: can you pastebin the errors?
MrWax: no accepteble C compiler found in $PATH
oliver3: okay, you need to install the package build-essential
oliver3: then retry the configure command
MrWax: oliver3: no package xorg-server found
MrWax: oliver3: no package xproto found
MrWax: oliver3: no package fontsproto found
oliver3: is that from configure?
MrWax: Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix
MrWax: oliver3: yes that are the last lines
oliver3: okay, you need to install the xorg development files, let me find the package name for you
oliver3: install the package: xserver-xorg-dev
oliver3: then rerun configure again (I know it can be a nuisance)
MrWax: done
MrWax: NOTE: DRI Support is disabled
MrWax: rest of it looked ok to me
oliver3: okay
oliver3: now run: make
oliver3: you'll see a lot of what looks like garbage being printed to the screen
MrWax: done
oliver3: any errors?
MrWax: dont think so
oliver3: okay, now run: make install
MrWax: oh wait
MrWax: yes some error i think
oliver3: what does it say?
MrWax: WARNING: cannot build the rhd_conntest program due to missing dependencies.
oliver3: oh don't worry about that
MrWax: done
MrWax: and now?
oliver3: make install is done?
MrWax: yes
oliver3: congrats, the driver is now installed
oliver3: :D
MrWax: aight :)
MrWax: should i startx now?
oliver3: yep
MrWax: or something else to do
oliver3: crosses fingers
MrWax: hehe ,it works!
MrWax: but!
oliver3: :D :D :D
MrWax: the menu's of the screen don't resize with the full ressolution?
MrWax: you understand what i say?
oliver3: erm
oliver3: I'm not sure what you mean
MrWax: wait, how do i make a screenshot in gnome?
oliver3: I think you can just press the print screen key
MrWax: ah ofc
MrWax: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/1926/screenshotdesktop.png
oliver3: oh wow
oliver3: I see what you mean
oliver3: hrm
oliver3: MrWax, you could try going to System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution
oliver3: and changing the resolution
oliver3: to see if that helps
oliver3: It looks like this could be a bug in gnome-panel, can you successfully move other programs below the bottom panel, and the right of the screen?
MrWax: oliver3: yes.
MrWax: oliver3: highest resolution possible is 1024x768
oliver3: Okay, you might want to turn it down to 800x600, then back up to 1024x768
oliver3: and see if gnome-panel reconfigures itself
MrWax: oliver3: just tried, but had to reboot, since from the moment on i change resolution i get no signal anymore from the videocard
oliver3: odd
oliver3: MrWax, are you still having the panel issue?
MrWax: oliver3: yes
MrWax: just rebooted again
MrWax: stays the same
oliver3: MrWax, can you right click an empty space on either panel, select properties, then take a screenshot of the window that pops up?
oliver3: It might actually just be a simple case of enabling DPMS on your monitor if it isn't already
MrWax: oliver3: where do i sleect properties? dont get that option in the context menu
oliver3: oh, that's not what I thought it was (DPMS)
oliver3: MrWax, you have to right click on a space that has nothing there, not even a separator line
oliver3: it's a bit of a nuisance to find the right spot
MrWax: only get "Change desktop background" etc etc
oliver3: if you do it on the top one, and right click next to the icons you should get the menu
oliver3: MrWax, you have to right click the panel
oliver3: not the desktop
MrWax: http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/958/screenshotisk.png
MrWax: tried those options but nothing
oliver3: that is very odd
oliver3: I have absolutely no idea wth is causing that to happen
MrWax: ok , well thanks for helping anyway
MrWax: i'll check it at a later time
oliver3: okay, no problem :)
oliver3: Good luck with the panel problem
MrWax: thanks
udovdh: hello
Kuukkeli: Could someone link me the chart of the radeon drivers?
Kuukkeli: With alot of "TODO" etc.
Zajec: g + radeonfeature
Kuukkeli: Ah, Thank you Zajec
Zajec: np :)
Kuukkeli: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ATI-R700-ISA,7418.html
Kuukkeli: About this: have ATI's linux drivers improved after that documentation?
Kuukkeli: Or do they still suck that its better just to wait?
MostAwesomeDude: Kuukkeli: The issue is manpower, not documentation.
Kuukkeli: Well, is ATIs proprietary driver still any good?
Kuukkeli: Or is it still the same crap with no 3d accerelation?
MostAwesomeDude: Kuukkeli: Oh, fglrx? It supports r600 and r700 and does all kinds of acceleration.
Kuukkeli: MostAwesomeDude, so its much better than it was 3 months ago?
MostAwesomeDude: Kuukkeli: No idea.
Kuukkeli: hahaha =DD
MostAwesomeDude: Most of us here don't ever use that driver.
Kuukkeli: What drivers are you guys using?
MostAwesomeDude: I'm using radeon.
wirry: radeonhd for x1600m and hd4850 ;)
Kuukkeli: Does that support 3D acceleration?
Kuukkeli: or OpenGL?
MostAwesomeDude: OGL *is* 3D acceleration.
wirry: 3d acc works fine for x1600m
MostAwesomeDude: And both radeon and radeonhd support it, but it comes from a different package, Mesa.
wirry: the hd4850 still has only 2d/video accelertaed
MostAwesomeDude: Mesa has 3D for r100-r500. r600+ 3D is a WIP.
udovdh: Kuukkeli, crap?
udovdh: radeonhd has no 3d yet for hd2600 etc that i use
udovdh: works well since 1.0 for me
udovdh: be a tiny bit more thankfull for free code
kevin06: r500 work with quake 3 ?
MostAwesomeDude: kevin06: Yes.
kevin06: framerate ?
MostAwesomeDude: High.
kevin06: yes :)
wirry: any benchmarks which compare fglrx to radeon(hd)?
MostAwesomeDude: wirry: phoronix.com
wirry: hmm...could you be more specific? the only article i find is from nov 2007
Kuukkelih: udovdh, well i have 4450 HD and no 3D
udovdh: 4450 has what chip?
udovdh: rv630+?
udovdh: so that is right
Kuukkelih: Hmmmh lemme check
wirry: should be 7xx
udovdh: just be patient
udovdh: even newer
udovdh: should be later this year?
udovdh: but what do you need 3d for?
Kuukkelih: its r700 series
udovdh: my desktop runs fine without 3d
Kuukkelih: udovdh, Steam and the games =)
udovdh: steam?
udovdh: and do you only play games?
udovdh: quake ran quite nice without 3d
udovdh: and brickbuster is flawless without 3d
Kuukkelih: udovdh, pretty much nothing else than games =)
udovdh: hmmm
udovdh: i use Linux as:
udovdh: videorecorder with mythTV and a DVB-T card
udovdh: simple firewall/webserver/etc
udovdh: desktop workstation
udovdh: digital audio workstation
Kuukkelih: Wall of text!
kevin06: do you have a best xorg.conf ?
udovdh: best for what?
kevin06: r500
udovdh: http://pastebin.com/d4de1273a ? for hd2600pro
udovdh: and better
udovdh: there is nothign special in there
kevin06: thanks
udovdh: see the wiki for starters as well
udovdh: http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonhd
udovdh: hell Obscene_CNN
Obscene_CNN: hi udovdh
kevin06: re
kevin06: radeonhd work :)
kevin06: udovdh, i get crash runing 3d game
kevin06: or glx gears on moving windows
kevin06: an idea ?
kevin06: i have x1700 mobility (r500)
wirry: there's a bug related to this...the workaround is to put "option "EXANoComposite" "On" into your device section
kevin06: ok thanks
kevin06: re work fine
kevin06: wirry, for this bug an patch in progress ?
wirry: well i guess
wirry: is quite old...nov 2008 if i remember right
wirry: but too bad, i lost the link
yangman: kevin06: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18097
kevin06: thanks yangman
Kuukkelih: Hmmmmmh
kevin06: no good issue
s0undt3ch: hello ppl
s0undt3ch: I tried switching from the open-source ati driver to radeonhd.
Zajec: and? :)
s0undt3ch: as I booted I got a suprise, I got gigantic letters
s0undt3ch: like 90pt's or something
s0undt3ch: I'm sure I need to tweak a setting somewhere, but where? and what?
MostAwesomeDude: Yeah, DPI detection is different between the two drivers.
s0undt3ch: MostAwesomeDude: what should I do then?
Zajec: i reported this already and got "INVALID" :/
MostAwesomeDude: s0undt3ch: Can't remember how to fix it. Out of curiosity, why change? radeon and radeonhd mostly have the same features.
s0undt3ch: MostAwesomeDude: I was using ati, not radeon, although that might be the same one?
MostAwesomeDude: s0undt3ch: Same thing. ati is a wrapper that links to radeon.
s0undt3ch: well, performance curiosity
Zajec: what about
Zajec: Option "ForceDPI" 96
Zajec: in Section "Device" part of xorg.conf
s0undt3ch: Zajec: I'll try that one
Zajec: i forgot about that DPI issue... maybe I will play with this after exams
s0undt3ch: but now that I loaded the ati driver I think I have to reboot
s0undt3ch: restarting kdm won't do it alone
s0undt3ch: brb
MostAwesomeDude: There should be *no* performance differences anyway.
MostAwesomeDude: And restarting X is sufficient...
Zajec: s0undt3ch: no, don't have to
Zajec: s0undt3ch: just restart X
Zajec: s0undt3ch: alt+ctrl+backspace (twice) or "sudo init 3" "sudo init 5"
s0undt3ch: MostAwesomeDude: well, yesterday, when I switched from ati to radeonhd, everything was fine. Today when I booted, it was not
s0undt3ch: MostAwesomeDude: if performance is the same, why 2 drivers?=
MostAwesomeDude: s0undt3ch: Long story.
Zajec: much too long story ;)
{Brad}: Zajec: Except if you're using debian
Zajec: {Brad}: hm? no "init 3" in debian? :)
{Brad}: Debian uses 2 as the default run-level
Obscene_CNN: notes that radeonhd can be faster in 2d for r6xx/7xx chips with his patch :D
MostAwesomeDude: Obscene_CNN: You should make a patch for radeon.
Zajec: MostAwesomeDude: you could port a patch for radeon :P
Obscene_CNN: hehehe
s0undt3ch: well, one thing for sure, running compiz with radeonhd, seems faster
Zajec: s0undt3ch: hm, it shouldn't
Zajec: s0undt3ch: both use the same 3D driver
Zajec: and the same DRM
s0undt3ch: dunno why, but animations *are* faster
MostAwesomeDude: s0undt3ch: Hm. You sure it's not just placebo? :3
Zajec: MostAwesomeDude: ++ :)
Obscene_CNN: link for patch so MostAwesomeDude can port it to radeon ;) http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=271923
s0undt3ch: I have a x1400 if that matters, but it's not placebo. It is faster
Obscene_CNN: that might matter cause it has an r500 core
Obscene_CNN: does radeon use macros for the RegRead and RegWrite?
s0undt3ch: Zajec: Xorg failed to start because of that DPI setting
s0undt3ch: Zajec: just to let you know
MostAwesomeDude: I won't port that patch, because as soon as r600+ acquire CS in the kernel, it'll be useless.
s0undt3ch: I removed it, and the dpi got to normal state
kevin06: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18097 make patch for this bug
kevin06: lol
Zajec: s0undt3ch: uups, OK, i'll investigate that someday
Zajec: thanks for reporting
s0undt3ch: Zajec: np
Obscene_CNN: MostAwesomeDude, How so? my patch effects writing EXA commands to the buffers to be DMA'd into the card. Is the format changing?
yangman: Obscene_CNN: it makes sense to rewrite the EXA implementation once kernel is ready. what's there is just barely maintainable
MostAwesomeDude: Obscene_CNN: CS is much closer to what your patch does, but much more readable.
Obscene_CNN: Okay.