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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-28

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udovdh: hallo
OrangeOne: hi everyone
Zajec: hi you :)
OrangeOne: I own a mobility radeon 3650 (Dell Studio 17 laptop) and I'm using the 1.2.5 radeonhd driver. When I watch videos over my hdmi connection to a sony bravia 46w5500 (1080p) I have issues in vertical synchronisation (tearing)
OrangeOne: I don't have these issues on my laptop screen (sv output)
OrangeOne: (xv output)
OrangeOne: I'm using the jaunty release (kubuntu) (kernel: 2.6.28-13-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP)
Zajec: well, all I can say I experience that too :/
Zajec: i've 34xx (3450? 3460?) and also use Xv
OrangeOne: ok
Zajec: even also Sony Bravia :) Just 52''
Zajec: fortunately it's quite small tearing for me, so I live with it
Zajec: didn't actually try radeon (xf86-video-ati) as I need HDMI (sound)
OrangeOne: besides your tv does your tearing appear in your non-hdmi screen?
Zajec: OrangeOne: what do you mean by non-hdmi screen?
Zajec: ah, my PANEL I guess
Zajec: ok :)
OrangeOne: I tried the radeon driver but it was not tear-free (but it was audio-free :-))
Zajec: :P
Zajec: hm, i don't watch movies on PANEL
Zajec: can test it
OrangeOne: I googled a bit and it was as if I were the only one using hdmi...
Zajec: OrangeOne: interesting, you're right
Zajec: I belive I'm really able to see any tearing
Zajec: and didn't see any on PANEL
Zajec: actually, i can test VGA also
OrangeOne: I haven't tried that one
Zajec: OrangeOne: i think it's fine with VGA_1
Zajec: OrangeOne: thanks for pointing that HDMI problem
Zajec: OrangeOne: when I'll at home, I'll try better tests
Zajec: now I have no access to HDMI
Zajec: (HDMI TV)
OrangeOne: I can't in VGA (no cable)
OrangeOne: i meant "can't test"
OrangeOne: You can't switch back to hdmi?
Zajec: in home I'll try the same move on the same TV with both methods: VGA and HDMI... that should be precise test
Zajec: OrangeOne: It's about I don't have HDMI tv here :)
Zajec: *the same movie
OrangeOne: ;-)
Zajec: also interesting how does it work in clone mode vs. single output
Zajec: it would be weird to see movie OK on PANEL and teared on TV in clone mode
OrangeOne: Well I tried both and (for me) there was no difference
Zajec: OK, afk now, for sure I'll focus on this next week
Zajec: cu :)
OrangeOne: see you
OrangeOne: Zajec: I redid some tests and I have to correct myself: in clone mode, when i watch a movie, there is no tearing on my laptop screen while there is on my tv... It seems that the vsync isn't active at all on the hdmi (i mean not implemented)
Zajec: OrangeOne: great to know, thanks!
OrangeOne: Should i file a bug report?
Zajec: OrangeOne: as you wish :) I won't forget about this, will check this and fill some record... but one more documented case will not hurt for sure
Zajec: the problem is I didn't dig into acceleratioin ever... just mode setting
Zajec: not sure if this is something simple I can fix :/
Zajec: probably not fast
OrangeOne: ok
OrangeOne: what do you mean by "I didn't dig into acceleratioin ever... just mode setting"?
Zajec: OrangeOne: I know somethign about radeonhd's core
Zajec: OrangeOne: fixed a few bugs
Zajec: core -> code
Zajec: but bugs I fixed were about mode setting, not acceleration
Zajec: that's why I'm not sure if i'll able to fix Xv (acceleration part) soon
Zajec: if someone will fix that just after bug reporting, that's great
Zajec: i'm just afraid everyone are focused on other parts now :)
Zajec: (like 3D, KMS)
OrangeOne: does the problem really lie in the xv acceleration? As it seems more likely (IMHO) that the hdmi output
OrangeOne: is "broken" somehow: it didn't receive the same treatement as the other outputs (like VGA)
OrangeOne: As if the timing wasn't properly set in the hdmi code
Zajec: OrangeOne: you may be right
Zajec: OrangeOne: I didn't really feel I tested VGA_1 enought, but if so, the problem is really HDMI specific
Zajec: have to do some tests and generally read code
Zajec: for now I try to understand how Xv works (from code side)
OrangeOne: it could be some hdmi event that is not properly sent/treated
OrangeOne: ok
udovdh: hello
udovdh: anybody knows how to disable the audio portion of the radeonhd card?
udovdh: not chooising ATI hdmi in kernel config does not change a lot.
_Steve_: just curious, why would you need to do that?
T`: agd5f, hi