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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-6-29

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
Nightwulf|work: hmm...shouldn't 3d work with mesa-7.4.4? or is still the "new" dri missing from kernel 2.6.30?
yangman: 3D for r6xx isn't in mesa master yet
Nightwulf|work: ah....thought it was mesa 7.4...
edman007: so...what works with the 3d for the r6xx?
edman007: just glxgears, or is it better than that?
Zajec: edman007: nothing
Zajec: edman007: maybe just the easiest not-really-3D test
_moep_: hey
_moep_: it get some problems to build the radeonhd from git: http://mypaste.ja-s.de/1877
_moep_: s/it/i
_moep_: i installed libdrm2 and libdrm-dev in debian squeeze or is this to old?
Zajec: Fehler: MyPaste-Eintrag ID: 1877 nicht gefunden.
_moep_: yeah i did another one
_moep_: http://mypaste.ja-s.de/1880
_moep_: installed x11proto-dri2-dev and compiled again
wirry: which version?
_moep_: 2.0-1
Zajec: _moep_: show more of log, from first error
_moep_: wait...
_moep_: http://mypaste.ja-s.de/1881
libv: emmes: ping
_moep_: http://mypaste.ja-s.de/1881 <- any idea?
libv: yangman: norandr cursor is broken:.
_moep_: hi :P
libv: but then, dri is also broken with norandr, seems that i have some work to do
_moep_: error: xf86drm.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden <- but libdrm-dev is installed
wirry: didnt you fixed that with dri2proto?
_moep_: dri2proto is installed
_moep_: but more errors ;)
_moep_: :/
yangman: libv: how broken is it?
libv: yangman: i need to move the cursor off the top of the screen (in a virtual mode) to be able to see it
yangman: huh
michat: Ati HD4870x2 running on GNU/Linux uSers orientation needed..
OrangeOne: hi
OrangeOne: Zajec: did you have time to check the xv acceleration on your vga display? Did you notice any tearing?
libv: yangman: the fix isn't as nice as i want it to be but oh well.
yangman: libv: yeah, non-randr cursor was quirky as hell
libv: why quirky?
libv: it was the first implementation, from before RandR code was there.
yangman: the enable/disable sequence was a little weird
libv: it was working.
libv: it needs its own checks on whether it is visible or not
yangman: because it was explicitly enabling on most actions
yangman: it fails when you move the enable logic to only the places that should affect visibility
libv: ok, we then didn't notice any issues since we were just running clone mode all the time anyway
libv: on account of never having had the time of advancing this (now proven) very much more advanced modesetting model
libv: pfff this code doesn't exactly match the rest of the driver much
Zajec: OrangeOne: i'm at home today, but just arrived and have to do some things first
Zajec: OrangeOne: tomorrow i should have some free time
Zajec: OrangeOne: just too many thing to do :)
libv: yangman: pushed.
libv: and then now the dri issue, and then i can happily buy myself WoG.
yangman: heh
libv: bah, this seems a trivial one
michat: ´╗┐Ati HD4870x2 running on GNU/Linux uSers orientation needed..
libv: ye-ess...
OrangeOne: Zajec: ok ;-)
magyar: hi, how do i setup radeonnd on debian sid with 2.6.30 kernel?
magyar: s/radeonnd/radeonhd
yangman: magyar: anything specific?
magyar: yangman: xorg.conf, dri etc
yangman: magyar: http://yangman.ca/xorg.conf
yangman: something minimal like that
yangman: you don't need very much. auto detection takes care of most of it
yangman: which GPU?
magyar: yangman: 04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV770 [Radeon HD 4870]
yangman: magyar: right. the way I have it set up should work for you also
Zhenech: magyar, on sid, I have a complete empty xorg.conf with my X1400
chithead: if xorg.conf is empty, then radeon will be preferred over radeonhd. so uninstall the radeon driver or create an xorg.conf
magyar: yangman: Zhenech chithead, thanks for the info, I'll try to reboot right now.... brb
magyar: one other thing before i forget, I had fglrx running, do i need to do anything besides purging the packages?
Zhenech: magyar, did you install fglrx from debian packages, or from the ati installer?
magyar: Zhenech: i did it through "module-assistant" and also installed the packages from the "none-free" repository
magyar: but "module-asistant" does the whole build of the fglrx-kernel module
lesshaste: hi all
lesshaste: am I right in thinking that radeonhd will never support the rs480?
airlied: yes
lesshaste: :(
airlied: why?
lesshaste: because I was hoping for 3d acceleration now that fglrx is not support in the latest version of ubuntu it seems
lesshaste: supported
airlied: its got noting to do with this driver though
airlied: the radeon driver already supports 3D on rs485
lesshaste: I am slowly learning about the differences
magyar: yangman: you conf file worked fine, if the xorg.conf is empty, the X server tries to load "ati" module
lesshaste: airlied: thanks
lesshaste: sorry to bother you
yangman: magyar: yeah. that's expected behaviour
magyar: not sure what these things are >> [ 502.438183] [drm] wait for fifo failed status : 0xE57044A4 0x3FFFFF02
magyar: but in KDE, 4.2 when i work on the console things slowing down quite a bit
magyar: same thing with konsole, when I move the sliding bar, the user list gets broken up
magyar: but over all, it seems ok